The London journal of arts and sciences (and repertory of patent inventions) [afterw.] Newton's London journal of arts and sciences, Svazek 11

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William Newton

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Strana 307 - ... an increase in the volume of the steam and in its temperature, as it would be impossible for any difference of pressure to exist in the superheating apparatus, except, indeed, a slight diminution of pressure that would arise from the resistance of the small tubes to the passage of the steam. The first effect of the superheating would be the evaporation of all the moisture in the steam, as steam always left the water in a boiler in a more or less wet or damp state, from the mixture of minute particles...
Strana 377 - ... the constructing fishes for connecting the rails of railways, with a groove adapted for receiving the heads of the bolts or rivets employed for securing such fishes, and the application of such fishes for connecting the rails of railways.
Strana 304 - The engine must in fact be looked upon as only in degree better than Newcomen's atmospheric engine, in which the whole of the steam was condensed in the cylinder at each stroke; and the advantages of Watt's great invention of condensation in a separate vessel are not fully realised until this serious defect is removed. Now if as much heat be added to the steam by superheating it before entering the cylinder as will supply the amount of which it is robbed by the cylinder, it will remain perfect dry...
Strana 305 - T3g inch thick, and have thick ends welded on to them, as shown half full size; these are turned down to a square shoulder, and all correctly to the same gauge for length, and fitted tight into the holes of the tube plate, which is also planed on the face and accurately bored ; the tubes are then pressed into their places all at once by the plates being drawn together with screws, and are made steam-tight by the fit alone ; the ends of the tubes are then expanded as shown.
Strana 239 - If, however, the deck beams were covered with iron plates throughout the whole length on each side of the hatchways, so as, by a new construction, to render the area at the deck equal to that at the bottom, we should have nearly twice the strength.
Strana 239 - Now, in these positions the ship undergoes alternately a strain of compression and a strain of tension along the whole section of the deck, corresponding with equal strains of tension and compression along the whole section of the keel, the strains being reversed according as the vessel is supported at the ends or the centre.
Strana 307 - ... from 260° to 360°, would consequently increase its volume l-7th, causing an equal saving in consumption of fuel when the superheating was effected by using the waste heat of the smoke-box. As the specific heat of steam was only about 3-4ths that of air, steam would require only 3-4ths the quantity of heat to be supplied to it, to produce the same rise of temperature ; and partly for this reason...
Strana 104 - It was one of the distinguishing characteristics of his professional career, that however bold he was in the conception of an idea, as for instance, the Britannia Tubular Bridge, yet no one, with whom I ever came into contact, watched with more anxiety the completion of these enterprises, than did Mr. Stephenson. His mind was ever occupied in anticipating how, and in what shape, failures might arise, and no doubt, it might appear to many, that the precautions he took were often superfluous. But the...
Strana 321 - An Act for amending the Law relating to Copyright in Works of the Fine Arts, and for repressing the Commission of Fraud in the Production and Sale of such Works.
Strana 240 - ... vessels ought in every case to be built of sufficient strength to secure them in all the conditions in which it is possible for them to be placed.

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