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in other bosoms, and thence to produce, according to the soil of their growth, a blessing or a curse.

There are many young men in our country, cultivating the earth, swinging the hammer, or driving the plane, whose superior endowments and hidden aspirations generate in their aching bosom purposes most honorable to human nature, but which true merit is slow to confess. These are surrounded by the mercenary and grovelling, who are as indifferent to the effulgence and utility of sanctified genius as they are to the glories of a flower crushed under their miry heel. To arm such young brethren with fortitude, foster their beneficent purposes, and share their sympathetic regards, has been a primary purpose with the author, and will constitute his most genial reward.

We live in what we are pleased to call a free and happy land. As we here enjoy the amplest means, and are urged by the strongest motives, it is certain that we should employ the wisest and most heroical enterprise, to bless every section and rank of our common country and the world. The present is an age auspicious for humanity, inasmuch as good books are every where multiplied, benevolent institutions are springing up of every kind, and the divinest enfranchisement is rapidly embracing all our race. Telegraphs, with lightning alacrity, bring the remotest regions into near neighborhood, and speak almost simultaneously to multifarious classes and states. Commerce, with a body of iron and soul of flame, darts athwart oceans, the mighty auxiliary of the cross, and pledge of universal brotherhood. In our western world, innumerable presses multiply intelligence with a speed and profusion truly sublime, causing all the intellects of antiquity to become contemporary with ourselves, and the willing agents of a civilization perpetually

improved and indescribably grand. In the eastern hemisphere, the most startling developments of Providence are continually transpiring. Napoleon is represented as saying, “When I am dead, my soul will return to France, and dwell in the hearts of the French people, like thunder in the clouds of heaven, and throb with ceaseless life in new revolutions.” In an infinitely nobler sense, it would seem as if all the champions of outraged humanity, in every epoch and nation, were becoming incarnate again, or exerting, through occult means, a redeeming power in every clime. The masses are finding their hands, feeling their powers, and asserting their rights. The almightiness of the great Captain of our salvation, the rejected, toil-worn, lacerated, murdered Nazarene, is imbuing the intellect and heart of man- of all mankind. Let bigots tremble, and let tyrants flee, for the hour of their doom draws near. Crumbling thrones, decaying mitres, obsolete creeds, and shattered chains, are blown aside by the tempests of popular indignation, giving space and capacity for humanity to exercise itself, and taste the rapture of those energies which heaven bends low in our day to emancipate, and which hell must be permitted no longer to bind.

E. L. M.

CINCINNATI, April 1, 1849.





In his advent, identified with the lowly condition in which the masses

of mankind are born.

1. His coming was prepared ;
2. The place of his appearance was appointed; and was
3. The type of all redemption, pledge of universal freedom.




In maturity, trained by sufferings such as mankind in general are

doomed to endure.

1. In his manhood subjected to severe social oppression;
2. Was compelled to exercise personal self-reliance; and
3. Experienced much of the seductions of power.

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