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Enter Fenton, and Anne Page.as.lt

1:in da How now, Mr. Fenton ?

Anne. Pardon, good father ; good my mother, pardon.

T Page. Now, mistress, how chance you went not with Mr. Slender ?

Mrs. Page: Why went you not with Mr. Doctor, maid?

Fent. You do amaze her: Hear the truth of it.
You would have marry'd her most shamefully,
Where there was no proportion held in love :
The truth is, she and I, long since contracted,
Are now fo sure, that nothing can dissolve us.
Th' offence is holy, that she hath committed
And this deceit loses the name of craft,
Of disobedience, or unduteous title ;
Since therein she doth evitate and shun
A thousand irreligious cursed hours,
Which forced marriage would have brought upon her.

Ford. Stand not amaz'd, here is no remedy.
In love, the heav'ns themselves do guide the state;
Mony buys lands, and wives are sold by fate.

Fal. I am glad, tho' you have ta’en a special Stand to strike at me, that your arrow hath glanc'd.

Page. Well, what remedy ? Fenton, heav'n give thee


What cannot be eschew'd, must be embrac'd.

s Eva. I will also dance and eat plums at your Wedding. Fal

. When night-dogs run, all sorts of deer are chacd.

Mrs. Page. Well, I will muse no further. Mr. Fenton, Heav'n give you many, many merry days!

8 This speech is taken from the edition of 1619.

Mr. Pope.


Good husband, let us every one go home,
And laugh this sport o'er by a country fire,
Sir John and all.

Ford. Let it be fo: Sir John,
To master Brook you yet shall hold your word;
For he, to night, shall lye with mistress Ford.

[Exeunt omnes.



M E A S U R E.


A a

Dramatis Persona.

VINCENTIO, Duke of Vienna.
Angelo, Lord Deputy in the Duke's absence.

An ancient Lord, join'd with Angelo in tbe

Claudio, a young Gentleman.
Lucio, a Fantastick.
Two Gentlemen.
Varrius, a Gentleman, Servant to the Duke.

two Friars.
A Justice.
Elbow, a simple Constable.
Froth, a foolish Gentleman.
Clown, Servant to Mrs. Over-done.
Abhorson, an Executioner.
Barnardine, a dissolute Prisoner.

Peter, s, }

Isabella, Sister to Claudio.
Mariana, betrothed to Angelo,
Juliet, beloved of Claudio.
Francisca, a Nun.
Mistress Over-done, a Bawd.

Guards, Officers, and other Attendants.

SCENE, Vienna,


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