Sickles the Incredible: A Biography of Daniel Edgar Sickles

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Stan Clark Military Books, 1991 - Počet stran: 433
-- A problem child for all his 94 years.
-- A Tammany politician so involved with women that he worried even Tammany.
-- A diplomat who insulted Queen Victoria.
-- A presidential aspirant, then a killer tried for murder.
-- The general who won (or almost lost) the battle of Gettysburg.
-- The soldier who laid away his lost leg in a coffin.
-- The butt of the most vicious abuse in American newspaper history.
-- The Yankee ambassador who took over Spain, carried on an affair with the deposed Queen Isabella, finally lost his own political shirt.
-- The genius who smashed Jay Gould's railroad conspiracy.
-- The millionaire who went broke on women and Wall Street.
-- The adventurer who was often wrong, often right, but never dull.

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Recenze od uživatele  - BruceCoulson - LibraryThing

One of those characters in history whose life would make a great movie; except critics would pan it for being 'too unrealistic'. Like many Northern veterans of the Civil War, Sickles went on to a long ... Přečíst celou recenzi

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To me, most interesting for his killing Francis Scott Key Jr. for adultery with Sickle's wife, getting acquitted, and then forgiving his wife -- taking back the wife, not killing Key, got him shunned in Congress. Beside this, his dubious exploits at Gettysburg pale. Přečíst celou recenzi

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