The History of Napoleon Buonaparte, Svazek 4

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J. & J. Harper, 1843

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Strana 194 - ON Linden, when the sun was low, All bloodless lay the untrodden snow, And dark as winter was the flow Of Iser, rolling rapidly. But Linden saw another sight, When the drum beat, at dead of night, Commanding fires of death to light The darkness of her scenery.
Strana 166 - Called by the wishes of the French nation to occupy the first magistracy of the republic, I think it proper, on entering into office, to make a direct communication of it to your majesty.
Strana 218 - Toussaint, the most unhappy man of men! Whether the whistling Rustic tend his plough Within thy hearing, or thy head be now Pillowed in some deep dungeon's earless den; O miserable Chieftain! where and when Wilt thou find patience! Yet die not; do thou Wear rather in thy bonds a cheerful brow: Though fallen thyself, never to rise again, Live, and take comfort. Thou hast left behind Powers that will work for thee; air, earth, and skies; There's not a breathing of the common wind That will forget thee;...
Strana 39 - I am come to lead you into the most fertile plains that the sun beholds. — Rich provinces, opulent towns, all shall be at your disposal. — Soldiers, with such a prospect before you, can you fail in courage and constancy ?" This was showing the deer to the hound when the leash is about to be slipped.
Strana 166 - These sentiments cannot be new to the heart of your majesty, who rule over a free nation with no other view than to render it happy. Your majesty will see in this overture only my sincere desire to contribute effectually, for the second time, to a general pacification — by a prompt step taken in confidence, and...
Strana 186 - ... apart. For more than two hours Victor withstood singly the vigorous assaults of a far superior force; Marengo had been taken and retaken several times, ere Lannes received orders to reinforce him. The second line at length advanced, but they found the first in retreat, and the two corps took up a second line of defence considerably to the rear of Marengo. Here they were again charged furiously, and again, after obstinate resistance, gave way. General Elsnitz...
Strana 114 - Koran, and to the mosques, the same tolerance as you have shewn to the convents and the synagogues, — to the religion of Moses and of Jesus Christ. The Roman legions protected all religions. You will find here usages different from those of Europe : it is proper that you habituate yourselves to them.
Strana 57 - The Vatican, meanwhile, perceived that no time was to be lost. The Spanish resident at the Roman court was despatched to Milan ; and the terms on which the holy father was to obtain a brief respite were at length arranged. Buonaparte demanded and obtained a million sterling, a hundred of the finest pictures and statues in the papal irallery, a large supply of military stores, and the cession of Ancona, Ferrara, and Bologna, with their respective domains.
Strana 173 - ... Bernard, and received from him an appalling picture of the difficulties of marching an army by that route into Italy. "Is it possible to pass?" said Napoleon, cutting the engineer's narrative short. " The thing is barely possible," answered Marescot. "Very well," said the chief consul, " en avant — let us proceed." While the Austrians were thinking only of the frontier where Suchet commanded an enfeebled and dispirited division, — destined, as they doubted not, to be reinforced by the army,...
Strana 121 - the fates have decreed the empire of the land — to England that of the sea," He endured this great calamity with the equanimity of a heroic spirit.

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