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"Give me a Horse-bind up my wounds,"
He jumping up did bawl;

The woman starting at these sounds,
Let all the tea-things fall.

In came the man, who having bow'd,
Said "Buckram, Sir, I am,"
"Off with his head" he cried aloud,
"So much for Buchingham.

The man jump'd back-the woman scream'd,

For both were sore afraid;

A bedlamite our spouter seem'd,

And like Octavian said,

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"I cannot sleep," and wherefore pray ?" "The leaves are nearly pull'd;"

This said, the woman walk'd away,

Until his frenzy cool'd,

But Buckram gave his bill and so

He was resolved to stay

"P'll hug't-will glut on it."-"Oh no, I'd rather, Sir, you'd pay.


"Reptile?" The exclamation shocks, Great were the tailor's fears;

"I'll dash thy body o'er the rocks," The man pull'd out his shears.

"I'll grapple with thee thus," he cried, And soon the shears he won;

The tailor was so terrified,
That he thought fit to run.



I'M honest Jack of Plymouth Dock,
To king and country true,
So firm my heart, 'tis like a rock,

For fear I never knew.

Tho' breakers strike, the vessel reel,
The planks begin to part,
Tho' enemies a broadside deal,

My timbers never start;

For honest Jack of Plymouth Dock,

Is to his post sincere,

He disregards the loudest shock,
A stranger to all fear.

But when distress, that biting shark, Has laid a comrade low,

The first am I, indeed, t'embark,

And take the wretch in tow,
And like a sail my heart-strings bend,
For ah! I cannot bear

To see, perhaps, a bosom friend
Begin to pipe a tear;

No, honest Jack of Plymouth Dock
Is to his friend sincere,

By flattery he scorns to mock,

With help he loves to cheer.



MR. SNOW, late of Coldstream,
For Miss Frost a passion felt;

Mr. Snow avow'd his flame,

And Miss Frost began to melt.
Off from Cold-Bath-Fields were they,
Eager for the nuptial bands;

Mr. Hoar gave Frost away,

Doctor Winter join'd their hands.

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