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AN actor's the Wonder, the Rage,
The Man of the World I declare,
He fights, dies, and kills, on the stage,
For Killing no Murder is there.
An actor can be Rich and Poor,
Poor Vulcan, Poor Soldier appear

And yet th' Heir at Law can insure
The Purse, and Five Thousand a Year.
Oh, he is the Poor Gentleman,

The Hypocrite, for he can scoff.
The Weathercock, Catch him who can,
Abroad and at Home, Five Miles off.

At Home, he is then full of whim,

But when Not at Home there's a hiss; A hint Look at Home is to him,

Whene'er Out of Place, Hit or Miss.

The Country Attorney be plays,
And Love in a Village he shows,
And oft the Mock Docter pourtrays,

For Love, Law, and Physic he knows.
By Management and Ways and Means,
The Counterfeit finds a disguise,
And when his Wild Oats grace the scenes,
Th' applause of John Bull is the Priz.
He makes Education his head,

The School of Reform to pisplay; The School (tho') for Scandal, indeed, Doth Turn out-The Lie of the Day. But tho' False and True he appears,

Tho' Dead and Alive to Remorse, Tho' sometimes he wears asses ears—

No ELEPHANT he, nor a HORSE.

O. P. AND P. S.

O. P. and P. S. oft appear,

For right-hand and left-hand stage terms, An anecdote then you shall hear,

A fact as my author affirms.

A playbook with prompter's each mark,

A gentleman took in his hand,

And being an ignorant spark,

He did not the signs understand.

"What is enter O. F. pray?" cried he,


The bookseller 'gan to explore,

Why, enter O. P.-that must be,

To enter, sir, opening the door.”

“And enter P. S. pray explain." "Ah, that, sir, is easily done To enter P. S.-that must mean, To enter, sir, pushing straight on."



Tune-"Tight Irish Boy."


WHEN first I left Ireland, that dear little place,
And came here to London, my time to employ,
The lasses all stared at the brogue on my face,
I talk'd, and I sung, and I drank, with such grace,
For I was always

Prattling, rattling,

Quaffing, laughing,

Sporting, courting,

Joking, smoking,

Winking, drinking,

Whiskey, frisky,

Rumical, comical,

Splash away, dash away,

Knocking down, stocking down,

Skipping up, tripping up,

Oh, botheration, a true Irish boy.

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