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TUNE.~" Paddy's Description of Pizarro.

MY cousin O'Shaugnessy said 'tother day,
Pizarro is now quite a different play,
So Paddy, cried he, with a comical laugh,
When you saw all Pizarro you did not see half.

To know the first part, as the last I had seen,
I saved for the Maid of the Sun a thirteen,
And when it struck five by a number of clocks,
Myself in the gallery took a snug box,

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The curtain rose up, and faith Rolla walk'd in,
A priest kindly told him he look'd very thin,
And begg'd home again to his friends he wou'd

But Rolla roar'd out-I'll be dd if I budge!



Now all in the dumps was poor Rolla, and why?
Faith Cora had swore an old maid she would die,
So Rolla retired to a cave all alone,
In comfort and peace there to fret and bemoan.

Brar lah But He

Alonzo, more wise, and in love too as deep,
Remain’d on the spot at dear Cora to peep,
And with his sly peeping-Oh, faith it appears,
The virgin and he fell in love head and ears !

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Now quickly the earth had a big ague fit,
'Twas lucky for Pat that he wasn't in the pit;
Such shaking and quaking, so strange and so odd,
The trees, by the powers, went viddety, nod!

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Amidst all this rocking, poor Cora ran out,
The walls of the temple then tumbled about!
The crackers, Oh dear ! fill'd the maid with

alarms, And down faith she dropp'din Alonzo's fond




cried the Spaniard, “ I'll venture my
Away then he took her, and made her his wife,
Meanwhile to complain all the virgins began,
Because their chaste sister had look'd ou a man.

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Brave Rolla immediately quitted his cave,
In hopes his dear Cora from danger to save;
But hearing Alonzo the virgin had got,
He look'd like a fool, and was off like a shot.

He call’d on the Spaniard the fair to resign,
The Spaniard replied, “Sir, the lady is mine."
This Cora confirm’d, then said Rolla, “ Oh, well,
“ To make you both happy, I'll now go to hell."

Oh, faith, the young lovers in judgment they call,
A fine botheration 'bout nothing at all!
They talk'd of the sun too, but any bosstoun,
Would think by their talk 'twas the full of the

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At length all the priests and the virgins arrive,
Poor Cora is doom'd to be buried alive!
Her husband, and father, the judge too proclaims,
Must both, fire and faggots! be toss'd into fames!


But Rolla bounc'd in, and his sword having waved,
He swore to the king all their lives should be

saved ;
Then told the high-priest, and he told true enough,
That all he had said was a d-d pack of stuff.

The king's eyes were open'd when Rolla he saw,
He took his advice, and he broke the vile law;
The music struck np, Oh be joyful to sing,
Avd down fell the curtain with prayers for the


But what is most strange, now Alonzo, the spouse,
Came forward, and, after a few pretty bows,
He said that the Virgin next night should appear,
Which, as she was married, I thought rather queer.

Now blessings on Rolla, is all I've to add,
'Twas well that the king such a minister had.
May majesty always in cases so nice,
Be blest with a Rolla to give bis advice.


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Sung at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.


MYSELF at the Haymarket play-house one night,
Was told by a person in diamonds all bright,
There was not a man, whether woman or child,
Who had not his hobby, for so it was styled.

And a hobby, dear joy,

That is a toy,
A plaything for every hobble-de-hoy!

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