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The hobby which is, of all hobbies the best,
Is lending a hand to assist the distrest,
Oh, when with such hobbies the wretched we

St. Patrick will write his best thanks for it here.

(Laying his hand on his heart.
And such hobbies, dear joy,

Never can cloy,
Oh may they be then our yearly employ.

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| The The lost



Coc Becau

"TWAS Larry O'Whack of Kilkenny,

Who had but three teeth and no more, Had paid his addresses to many,

And married I think half a score;
He'd a wife, Sir, in every corner,

With whom 'bout a month he wou'd stay,
The honey-moon over, he'd scorn her,
And haste to another


He | The

ME Mea T

But some of his wives became cronies

Together to tea now they came, While praising their Irish Adonis,

They wondered the name was the same: Says Judy, we're surely related,

'Tis plain as the nose on your face; Then Catty immediately stated

The Whacks were a numerous race.


Larry came at this critical time in,

At whom they discharg'd all their tea;
Oh how he curs'd Cupid and Hymen,

When thus in hot water was he!
The fair having us'd all their Congou,

The tea-things at length flew about;
He lost both his peepers at one go,

The tea-pot divided his snout.

Poor Larry the combat relinquish’d,

Confess'd he had taken them in, Because when his sight was extinguish'd,

He saw very clearly the sin;
The ladies, all sorry and sad now,

Made haste their own doctor to cal ; Mean while Larry fled and they had now

The devil a husband at all.

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