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Accrual of cause of action.
When cause of action against stockholders
of insolvent bank accrues. 55-1059.
When limitation begins to run against
action to enforce stockholder's su-
peradded liability. 55-1068 (case
p. 1059).

When action is barred.
Enforcement of bank stockholders' lia-
bility. 55-1059.

Within what time action for loss of wife's
services must be brought. 55-932.
Interruption of statute.
Application, of proceeds of property re-

taken and resold, on purchase price
of note as tolling Statute of Limita-
tions. 55-269.

Italic type indicates points with annotation; roman type points without.

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Application by receiver on foreclosure on

mortgage indebtedness of rents and
profits collected. 55-525.

Collection of rent by receiver in fore-
closure. 55-525.

Effect of pledge of rents and profits of
mortgaged property. 55-525.

Lien on rents and profits pledged in mort-
gage of real estate. 55-525.
Mortgagee's interest in proceeds of sale

of leasehold interest in mortgaged
property. 55-525.

Provision in real estate mortgage as to

rents and profits; validity, construc-
tion, and effect of. 55-1020 (case
p. 1014).
Rents and profits as following legal title
and right to possession. 55-525.
Right of receiver in foreclosure proceed-
ings to collect rent already paid to
mortgagor. 55-525.

Right of receiver in foreclosure to rents
and profits as limited to those accru-
ing after his appointment. 55-525.
Validity, construction, and effect of pro-
vision in real estate mortgage as to
rents and profits. 55-1020 (case p.


Denial of motion to eliminate party where
grounds of motion are not given.


Municipal regulation.
Reasonableness of municipal regulation
that vehicles for hire make use of
taxicab stands. 55-1128.

Validity of requirement of municipality
that vehicles make use of "taxicab
stands." 55–1132 (case p. 1128).


Powers beyond corporate limits.
Authority of city over water supply lake
not within its limits. 55-1175.
Exercise by city of power beyond mu-
nicipal limits. 55-1175.

Extension of police power of municipal
corporation beyond territorial limits.
55-1182 (case p. 1175).

Conclusiveness of declaration of emer-
gency in ordinance, see COURTS.
Judicial notice of city ordinance, see Evi-


- validity.

Necessity that municipal ordinance con-
fer equal rights. 55-252.

Right of city to adopt health regulations.

Italic type indicates points with annotation; roman type points without.

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Building permit as contract for revocation
of which city is liable. 55-430.
Liability of city for wrongful revocation
of building permit. 55-430.
Ratification by city of wrongful act of
its officers in revoking a building per-
mit. 55-430.

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- knowledge of danger.
Contributory negligence as affected by
dealer's assurance that article sold
is not dangerous. 55-1047 (case p.

The dash in each citation stands for A.L.R.

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