Bills of Lading: Hearings Before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce of the House of Representatives, Sixty-fourth Congress, First Session, on S. 19 Relating to Bills of Lading, Svazek 1

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Strana 99 - In any case not provided for in this Act, the rules of law and equity, including the law merchant...
Strana 94 - ... (c) A readiness and willingness to sign, when the goods are delivered, an acknowledgment that they have been delivered, if such signature is requested by the carrier.
Strana 235 - ... who for value and in good faith purchases such bill, whether such purchaser acquired title to the bill before or after the delivery of the goods by the carrier and notwithstanding delivery was made to the person entitled thereto.
Strana 237 - That a person to whom an order bill has been duly negotiated acquires thereby (a) Such title to the goods as the person negotiating the bill to him had or had ability to convey to a purchaser in good faith for value...
Strana 92 - Where a negotiable bill has been lost or destroyed, a court of competent jurisdiction may order the delivery of the goods upon satisfactory proof of such loss or destruction and upon the giving of a bond with sufficient surety to be approved by the court...
Strana 115 - If, however, a negotiable document of title has been issued for goods, no seller's lien or right of stoppage in transitu...
Strana 97 - ... may be defeated by the levy of an attachment or execution upon the goods by a creditor of the transferor, or by a notification to such bailee by the transferor or a subsequent purchaser from the transferor of a subsequent sale of the goods by the transferor.
Strana 238 - in good faith" within the meaning of this act when it is in fact done honestly, whether it be done negligently or not.
Strana 98 - Where the seller of goods draws on the buyer for the price and transmits the bill of exchange and bill of lading together to the buyer to secure acceptance or payment of the...
Strana 100 - includes a corporation or partnership, or two or more persons having a joint or common interest. To' " purchase " includes to take as mortgagee and to take as pledgee.

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