Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition: During the Years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, Svazek 2

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C. Sherman, 1849

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Strana 473 - We the Chiefs of the Confederation of the United Tribes of New Zealand...
Strana 319 - Under these circumstances, we feel ourselves obliged to report that, in our opinion, a few days more of such exposure as they have already undergone, would reduce the number of the crew by sickness to such an extent as to hazard the safety of the ship and the lives of all on board.
Strana 232 - Let a man be what he will, when he comes here, he is soon as bad as the rest ; a man's heart is taken from him, and there is given to him the heart of a beast.
Strana 320 - M., when we were within two and a half miles of the icy cliffs by which the land was bounded on all sides. These were from one hundred and fifty to two hundred feet in height, quite perpendicular, and there was no appearance whatever of rocks ; all was covered with ice and snow.
Strana 230 - ... in motion towards the several courts of justice, and the most painful reflection of all must be, that so many capital sentences, and the execution of them, have not had the effect of preventing crime by way of example.
Strana 314 - VOL. n. 2B 40 that I was obliged to reduce sail still further : the fore and main-topsails were clewed up ; the former was furled, but the latter being a new sail, much difficulty was found in securing it. A seaman, by the name of Brooks, in...
Strana 293 - Dr. Holmes, on the same evening, noted in his journal, a marked appearance of land. On board the Vincennes there was on the same day much excitement among the crew. All eagerly watched the flight of birds, together with the whales and penguins, and spoke of the proximity of land, which, from the appearance of never-failing signs, could scarcely be doubted. The following is a sketch which I made of what I myself saw, and have called Ringgold's Knoll on the chart, and which at the same time will show...
Strana 230 - ... the numerous undiscovered crimes, which every man who heard him, or to whom the report of his words should come, would at once admit to have occurred in his own circle of knowledge.
Strana 294 - Previous to its becoming broad daylight, the fog rendered every thing obscure, even at a short distance from the ship. I knew that we were in close proximity to icebergs and field-ice, but, from the report of the look-out at sunset, believed that there was an opening or large bay leading to the southward. The ship had rapid way on her, and was much tossed...
Strana 315 - The helm was put up to pay the ship off, but the proximity of those under our lee bade me keep my course. All was now still, except the distant roar of the wild storm that was raging behind, before, and above us ; the sea was in great agitation, and both officers and men were in the highest degree excited.

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