Hansard's Parliamentary Debates

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Strana 39 - Resolved, that it is a high infringement of the liberties and privileges of the Commons of the United Kingdom for any lord of parliament or other peer or prelate...
Strana 1093 - ... the people of the same dominion have and do daily use a speech nothing like nor consonant to the natural mother tongue used within this realm, some rude and ignorant people have made distinction and diversity between the king's subjects of this realm and his subjects of the said dominion and principality of Wales, whereby great discord variance debate division murmur and sedition hath grown between his said subjects...
Strana 581 - ... also the year in which business commenced in each bank, and the name of the day or days, and the number of hours in the week, on which the banks are open for the deposit and withdrawal of moneys ; including in such a Return a list of all such savings banks as, under the provisions of the Act 26 Vic.
Strana 11 - IE, your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects, the lords spiritual and temporal in parliament assembled, do...
Strana 281 - ... comprised or referred to in the concessions and agreements made as aforesaid or affecting other territories, lands, or property in Africa, or the inhabitants thereof, and to hold, use and exercise such territories, lands, property, rights, interests, authorities, jurisdictions and powers respectively for the purposes of the Company and on the terms of this Our Charter.
Strana 37 - Kingdom do make their election for which of the places they will serve, within one week after it shall appear that there is no question upon the return for that place ; and if anything shall come in question touching the return or election of any member, he is to withdraw during the time the matter is in debate ; and that all members returned upon double returns do withdraw till their returns are determined.
Strana 39 - Ordered, That the Votes and Proceedings of this House be printed, being first perused by Mr. Speaker, and that he do appoint the printing thereof; and that no person but such, as he shall appoint do presume to print the same.
Strana 627 - Court shall take an account of the amount of arrears of rent due or to become due before the application is finally determined, and may take evidence of all the circumstances which have led to such arrears, and shall decide whether, in view of such circumstances, the whole or what part of such arrears ought to be paid...
Strana 939 - And every arrangement which fosters the interest of the people in the schools, which teaches the people to look on the schools as their own, which encourages them to take a share in the management, will do at least as much service as the wisest advice and the most skilful administration.
Strana 581 - Ireland, containing, in columns, the names of the Officers, their respective salaries, and other allowances, if any ; the amount of security each gives : the number of accounts remaining...

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