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Comparative detail estimate for appropriation 1949, maintenance and operation,

Panama Canal-Continued

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112, 611

162 19, 360

1.560 486, 613 529, 611 164, 030

44,715 309, 587 75, 335 53,000

36. Improvements and betterments-Continued
(j) Completion of designs and studies for auditorium, sec-

tion C, high school and junior college, Balboa.
(k) Improvements to quarantine station, Corozal
(1) Design and plans for improvements to electrical service

facilities, Balboa dock area
(77) Miscellaneous minor improvements.
(n) Noncontinuing construction:

Sowage-disposal system, drydock No. 1, Balboa

(project abandoned)
Sewage-disposal studies
Designs and plans, silver townsites.
Designs and studies, postwar construction
Improvements to electrical system
Additional units, Gatun hydroelectric station.
Dredging division dock, Balboa.
Road and street replacements
Road extension, Corozal Cemetery.
Road improvements, Mount Hope Cemetery
Installation of fire hydrant, Thatcher Ferry.
Unallotted contingencies
Towing locomotives for locks
Replace switchboard, building No. 29, Balboa.
Toilets and lockers, locks
Steam plant, Gorgas Hospital.
Additions to Colon Hospital
Nurses' quarters, Corozal Hospital.
Silver dispensary, Red Tank
Cemetery improvements, Mount Hope and Corozal.
Additions to white elementary school, Bamboa...
Vocational school, La Boca
Vocational school, Silver City
Occupational high school, La Boca
Occupational high school, Silver City
Elementary school, Silver City.
Addition to Balboa gymnasium
Office and drying room, Canal Zone penitentiary.
Replace roof, building No. 7051, Cristobal
Pattern stowage building, Balboa
Sand blast shed, Cristobal
Paint shop, Balboa
Quarters for American employees.
Quarters for native employees..
Gorgas Hospital improvements
Miscellaneous minor improvements
Prior year balance available in 1919.

Total improvements and betterments.
Obligations against prior year funds.
Total, all projects.
Less prior year appropriation balance available

Appropriation balance available in subsequent


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Total appropriation or estimate.

12, 749,000

13,374, 000

16 312, 000

RECONCILIATION OF ESTIMATE FOR 1949 TO APPROPRIATION FOR 1948 The following is a reconciliation of the appripriation requested for 1949 with the amount appripriated for 1948. These data give consideration to the availability of prior year balances, deductions of funds required in 1948 but not in 1949, and the required increases in 1949 for both current operations and improvements and betterments, and show that an increase of $2,938,000 will be required in 1949 over the appropriation for 1948.


1948 appropriation
Add 1917 balance available in 1948.

$13, 374, 000

5, 318, 020

Total available in 1948.

18, 692, 020

1948 balance available in 1949

$941, 000
Improvements and betterments (1948

6, 245, 424

$7, 186, 424
Pacific locks overhaul.

1, 307, 440
Preliminary studies, locks elec-
trical distribution facilities.---

30, 000
Nonrecurring repairs and re-

placements, locks fenders and
fender chains.

37, 800
Overhauling locks towing loco-

12, 066
Estimated reductions in employ-
ment costs.---

18, 290
Discontinuance of lump-sum

amount for “Transportation of
employees on the Isthmus”. 155, 000
All other reductions...

25, 122
1, 585, 718

$8, 772, 142 Subtotal.-

9, 919, 878 Additions:

Modernization of locks electrical facil-
ities, first year. -

$970, 000 Hydrological projects.

33, 938
Revision of street lighting system,
Ancon-Balboa district

30, 000
Increased cost of cash relief on account

of additional annuitants eligible to
such relief in accordance with the
act of July 8, 1937.--

82, 000
Tug service to provide security for
shipping in Gaillard Cut...

40, 000
Local railroad transportation for em-
ployees on official business..

109, 000
Increased purchases of equipment. 46, 399
Cost of overhauling 1 additional ferry-

15, 000
Rental of additional tabulating equip-

1, 250 Within-grade salary advancements... 59, 071 Expansion of Plans Section.

13, 464 Expansion of Pay Roll Bureau..

4, 957 Periodic increases to native employ

11, 647
Base pay increases to native employ-
ees (net).

486, 000
Decreases in reimbursements and re-
ceipts (net)

1, 554
All other increases.

12, 842

1, 917, 122 Improvements and betterments (1949 schedule). 5, 416, 000

7, 333, 122 Subtotal.

17, 253, 000 1948 balance available in 1949.

-941, 000


Total estimate for 1949.

16, 312, 000


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Mr. ENGEL. The first individual item is on page 21, modernization of locks electrical facilities, $70,000.

General MEHAFFEY. Yes. The justfiication printed in the book on that subject is rather complete, Mr. Chairman.

The situation at the locks is that we are now still operating with i the same electrical equipment which was installed in 1912, 1913, and 1914, while the Canal was being completed.

The fact that the electrical machinery is still operating with a minimum of interruption to traffic is considered by everyone who inspects the locks as a miracle of maintenance. It is only because of

very excellent and careful maintenance that we have been able to keep this machinery going as well as we have. But the point has now been reached where we feel that steps are necessary to replace a great part of the obsolete electrical equipment.

Mr. ÈNGEL. By "electrical equipment” you mean towing equipment?

General MEHAFFEY. The electrical equipment which provides electricity for the towing locomotives, the valves and gate operating machinery, the machine tools, and so forth.

Mr. ENGEL. General Mehaffey, in reference to items of this type, the modernization of the locks, and so forth, how do you justify that, : in view of Panama's refusal to give us leases or bases which would be

used in defending the Canal and the limitation they want to make on any leases to 10 years; if we are going to build a sea-level canal elsewhere, this money will be wasted, will it not?

General MEHAFFEY. I think not, Mr. Chairman. We feel that if the Congress should decide that a sea-level canal should be built, or that a new canal should be built, at some other locality, it would require at least 15 years from the present moment until the new canal could be completed.

In the meantime, we feel that it is absolutely essential that the locks, which are the heart of the present Canal, should be maintained in such condition as to minimize the danger of long interruptions to traffic.

We feel that this equipment has already outlived what would normally be considered its useful life and that the possibility that it could last for another 15 years is extremely small.

Mr. Engel. How long is this program going to take to complete? General MEHAFFEY. The program as we now have it planned


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would take 6 years.

Mr. Engel. The total cost will be how much?

General MEHAFFEY. Approximately $5,000,000. The program is set up in the order of the importance of the work. We feel that this first year's program, plus a part of the second year's program, which would be the installation of the equipment ordered under the first year's program, must be carried out. If by next year we find that the probability of moving to another location is great we would perhaps modify the remainder of the program. We have no doubt

about the absolute necessity of carrying out at least the first- and second-year program.

Mr. ĖNGEL. Of course, if you were to operate and maintain the Canal even in a stand-by condition, in case we had a new sea-level canal elsewhere, you would still have to have some of this equipment to operate to take care of the overflow that must go through the Canal.

General MEHAFFEY. That is entirely true.


Mr. Engel. On page 22 you give the following break-down of the 1949 program as now contemplated:

Purchase all necessary primary switching equipment for all locks, $420,000.

Purchase all necessary power and lighting transformers, and some cable, $108,000.

Construct approximately 28 new track transformer rooms, labor and material, $420,000.

Engineering work for fiscal year 1950 work, $22,000.
That makes the total of $970,000; is that correct?
General MEHAFFEY. Yes.

HYDROLOGICAL PROJECTS Mr. Engel. The next item is for hydrological projects, carried under function 7, meteorology and hydrography, $33,938. Is that a new item?

General MEHAFFEY. That represents an enlargement of the program of stream gaging and rain gaging in the Chagres River Basin, Mr. Chairman.

In connection with studies which we have made of the possibility of a new canal in Panama, we have had the advice of an expert from the Office of the Chief of Engineers, who informed us that we did not have sufficient coverage of the Chagres River drainage basin to provide the necessary information for future flood control and any other work that is done in the Panama Canal. In accordance with his recommendations, we installed some new stations with money provided for the new studies, and we are asking for a small additional amount for the maintenance of those stations hereafter.

Mr. ENGEL. You have a break-down under two subheads: One, "Operation and maintenance of additional rainfall and streamflow stations," $22,820.

“Initiation of comprehensive review and correlation of existing rainfall and streamflow data," $10,418.

General MEHAFFEY. Yes.

Mr. ENGEL. Also an item for traveling expense in connection with studies in the United States of procedures and technique in streamgaging work, $700, which makes the total $33,938.

General MEHAFFEY. Yes.


Mr. ENGEL. The next is for the revision of the street-lighting system, Ancon-Balboa district, $30,000. Is that repair of the streetlighting system?

General MEHAFFEY. It is an increase in transformer capacity which is now so small that when we put in new streets and additional

housing we find we do not have the capacity to take care of the street in lights which we need.

It does not involve any strengthening of the street lighting in the be presently occupied part of the Ancon-Balboa district but merely an

increase in the transformer capacity and the number of circuits.


Mr. ENGEL. The next item is increased cost of cash relief on account of additional annuitants eligible to such relief in accordance with the act of July 8, 1937, $82,000. Estimated actual cost for 1948 was $298,500. Estimate for the fiscal year 1949, $380,500.

On page 24 of the justifications you have a tabulation showing the estimated additions, estimated separations, net on roll, monthly cost, and cost for the year, which we will place in the record.

(The tabulation referred to follows:)


The following tabulation shows the estimated additions and separations during ! the fiscal year 1948, based on the best available information and on past records,

and results in an increase of $33,500 over the original estimates for that purpose which has been provided from available funds:

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1 Net estimated additions, 325.
The original amount appropriated for this function for fiscal year 1948

$265, 000 There is available a saving of $11,296 as a carry-over from this function from the prior year.

11, 296 Amount to be financed from other funds.

22, 204 Total estimated requirements as revised for fiscal year 1948.- 298, 500 The original estimate of $265,000 for 1948 as presented last year was based on estimated net additions of 156 to the roll during the year at an average payment of $24 per month. The revised estimate herewith is based on net additions of 325 at an average payment of $23 per month, which is $1 less than used last year and represents the current average payments.

The estimate for the fiscal year 1949 is based on the continuation of 1,283

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