Dramatherapy with Families, Groups and Individuals: Waiting in the Wings

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Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 1. 1. 1992 - Počet stran: 160
This book - by one of the leaders in this exciting and relatively new field - is the first to present a working framework for dramatherapists, social workers, family and marital therapists, and others conducting groups. This framework primarily deals with dramatherapy in the non-clinical setting such as family centres, residential children's homes, social services resources and intermediate treatment centres. Separate chapters cover current theory, methodology and application in specific client areas including child abuse. The author addresses work with children and adults, both individually and in groups, illustrated by case history examples. A final chapter concentrates on the needs of the therapist and shows how dramatherapy can be used as a personal resource.

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Stages and Scripts
Mainsprings and Methods
Dramatherapy with Individuals
Masking and Unmasking the interface
Notes on Chapters
The Author 152
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Sue Jennings , PhD, FRAI, is a consultant dramatherapist and senior research fellow at the University of London, and innovator of Dramatherapy and Symbolic Play methods. She is currently working with eating disorders, infertility and perpetrators as well as victims of physical and sexual abuse. She is Director of Dramatherapy Consultants, and the author of Remedial Drama (1973 A & C Black), Creative Therapy (1975 Kemble Press), Drama in Groupwork (1986 Winslow Press), and editor of Dramatherapy Theory and Practice (1987 Croom Helm).

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