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power to recall to mind, that your early days were not only innocent, but useful, and devoted to the service of your Creator. To look back on a life, no season of which was spent in vain; to number up the days, the months, and the years, spent in the service of God, will be inward rapture, only to be felt. This will cause the evening of life to smile, and make your departure like a setting sun.

I shall conclude with one consideration, which I hope will have weight; and that is, if you seek God now in the days of youth, you are certain of success. Go out in the morning of youth, and you are sure to gather the manna of everlasting life. God himself will bend from his throne, and teach your spirits to approach unto him. They who seek him early shall find him, and shall be guarded from evil on his holy mountain. LOGAN.



If that HIGH WORLD which lies beyond
Our own, surviving Love endears;
If there the cherish'd heart be fond,

The eye the same, except in tears-
How welcome those untrodden spheres ;
How sweet this very hour to die!
To soar from earth and find all fears
Lost in thy light-Eternity!


It must be so; 'tis not for self

That we so tremble on the brink; And striving to o'erleap the gulph,~ Yet cling to Being's severing link. Oh! in that future let us think

To hold each heart the heart that shares, With them the immortal waters drink, And soul in soul grow deathless theirs!



THE WILD GAZELLE on Judah's hills

Exulting yet may bound,

And drink from all the living rills

That gush on holy ground; Its airy step and glorious eye

May glance in tameless transport by :


A step as fleet, an eye more bright,
Hath Judah witness'd there;
And o'er her scenes of lost delight
Inhabitants more fair.

The cedars wave on Lebanon,
But Judah's statlier maids are gone!


More blest each pålm that shades those plains

Than Israel's scattered race;

For, taking root, it there remains

In solitary grace:

It cannot quit its place of birth,
It will not live in other earth.


But we must wander witheringly,

In other lands to die;

And where our fathers' ashes be,

Our own may never lie:

Our temple hath not left a stone,

And Mockery sits on Salem's throne.



THOU whose spell can raise the dead,
Bid the prophet's form appear.
"Samuel, raise thy buried head!
"King, behold the phantom seer!"

Earth yawn'd; he stood the centre of a cloud:
Light changed its hue, retiring from his shroud.
Death stood all glassy in his fixed eye;

His hand was withered, and his veins were dry;
His foot, in bony whiteness, glittered there,
Shrunken and sinewless, and ghastly bare:


From lips that moved not and unbreathing frame,
Like cavern'd winds, the hollow accents came.
Saul saw, and fell to earth, as falls the oak,
At once, and blasted by the thunder-stroke.


"Why is my sleep disquieted?
"Who is he that calls the dead?
"Is it thou, O King? Behold,


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"Bloodless are these limbs, and cold: dete

"Such are mine; and such shall be ...

"Thine, to-morrow, when with me:

"Ere the coming day is done,

"Such shalt thou be, such thy son.
“Fare thee well, but for a day;
"Then we mix our mouldering clay.
"Thou, thy race, lie pale and low,
"Pierced by shafts of many a bow;

"And the falchion by thy side,

"To thy heart thy hand shall guide:

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"Crownless, breathless, headless fall,. ooi bat. "Son and sire, the house of Saul !?qanadı “*


WHEN COLDNESS WRAPS this suffering clay,

Ah, whither strays the immortal mind ?

It cannot die, it cannot stay,

But leaves its darken'd dust behind.

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By steps each planet's heavenly way ? Or fill at once the realms of space,

A thing of eyes, that all survey? Ja


Eternal, boundless, undecay'd,

A thought unseen, but seeing all,
All, all in earth, or skies display'd,
Shall it survey, shall it recal:
Each fainter trace that memory holds
So darkly of departed years,
In one broad glance the soul beholds,
And all, that was, at once appears.


Before Creation peopled earth,

Its eye shall roll through chaos back;
And where the furthest heaven hath birth,
The spirit trace its rising track.
And where the future mars or makes,
Its glance dilate o'er all to be,
While sun is quench'd or system breaks,
Fix'd in its own eternity.


Above or Love, Hope, Hate, or Fear,
It lives all passionless and pure:
An age shall fleet like earthly year;
years as moments shall endure.


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