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Strana 697 - demand, collect or receive a greater or less or different compensation for the transportation of persons or property, or for any service in connection therewith, than the rates, fares, and charges applicable to such transportation as specified in its schedules filed and in effect at the time
Strana 420 - months after the date thereof, for the following purposes and no others, namely, for the acquisition of property, or for the construction, completion, extension or improvement of its facilities, or for the improvement or maintenance of its service, or for the discharge or lawful refunding of its obligations, or for the reimbursement of moneys actually
Strana 9 - If the public utility does not comply with the order for the payment of reparation within the time specified in such order, suit may be instituted in any court of competent jurisdiction to recover the same. All complaints concerning excessive or discriminatory charges shall be filed with the commission within two years from the time the cause of action accrues, and the
Strana 420 - from income or from any other moneys in the treasury of the public utility not secured by or obtained from the issue of stocks or stock certificates or other evidence of interest or ownership, or bonds, notes or other evidences of indebtedness of
Strana 449 - property for a shorter than for a longer distance over the same line or route in the same direction, the shorter being included within the longer distance. The
Strana 420 - public utility, for any of the aforesaid purposes except maintenance of service and replacements, in cases where the applicant shall have kept its accounts and vouchers for such expenditures in such manner as to enable the Commission to ascertain the amount of moneys so expended and the purposes for which such expenditure was made.
Strana 575 - of its common capital stock, a public hearing having been held before Examiner Fankhauser and the Railroad Commission being of the opinion that the money, property or labor to be procured or paid for by the issue of such stock is reasonably required by applicant and that this application should be granted as herein provided;
Strana 557 - prohibits a public utility from establishing or maintaining any unreasonable difference as to rates, charges, service, facilities, or in any other respect either as between localities or as between classes of service. Under
Strana 878 - The complaint will be dismissed. ORDER. This case being at issue upon complaint and answer on file, full investigation of the matters and things involved having been had and basing this order on the findings of fact and the conclusions contained in the opinion, which said opinion is hereby referred to and made a
Strana 452 - to defendants for check. Should it not be possible to reach an agreement as to the amount of reparation the matter may be referred to the Commission for further attention and the entry of a supplemental order should such be necessary. ORDER. This case being at issue upon complaint and answer on file,

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