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When we think of the United States, we think of opportunity, speed, individuality,

vision, earnestness of purpose and resourcefulness

We, The People

Character and National Resources—the Ideal Combination Which

Makes a Great and Outstanding Nation




MAN cannot live and

E WORKED TOGETHER Ordinarily, getting a bottle of milk
AND HELPED ONE AN- seems a simple matter. Every morning

OTHER." According to Rear- we look for it and find it in the same Admiral Robert E. Peary, an American, spot on the three hundred and sixty-five this was the plan that enabled him to days of the year. It never enters our reach the North Pole in 1909, after many heads that a complex business organizaother heroic explorers had failed. It is tion is responsible for such a commonthe principle to follow in all the work place occurrence; that many people of life, great and small.

working together furnish us with milk, Have you

and that while some stopped think

of us have our work how necessary it is Team Work

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o'clock breakfast, all of us work to

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much earlier. of a society in which we a few minutes think

now live without cooperof the reason for some of the things

ation... Our American A Long Journey that in our daily life Democracy is team work

Let us trace the we take for granted. on a great scale. It is bottle of milk back Early each morning a great society composed along its journey. we open the back of individual citizens,

Every morning of door, or the dumborganized to be a political

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man must get up at live in a big apartWE. A Democracy

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in order that fresh great city, and take managed by all its adult

milk may be de. in the bottle of milk citizens through their livered for the cethat is to be used government.

real and the baby. for our breakfast.

The job of the milkIt is usually waiting

man is a hard, tirefor us. But suppose that by reason of a some task.

Part of the price we pay milk drivers' strike, or a big snow-storm for each quart of milk goes toward his which ties up the railroads, our morning weekly wages. bottle of milk is not on time. What In the larger cities each driver secures troubles arise! The oatmeal without his milk from some central station milk does not taste nearly so good! The where it has been pasteurized and iced baby cannot understand. Then we begin carefully in order that it may be pure to wonder. “What is the matter? ” we and wholesome when it reaches our ask. And with the question comes the homes. The central plant has in turn realization of how very dependent we secured its supply of milk from the and our family are upon others for our railroad which runs daily milk trains every-day comforts and happiness. back along its lines for literally hun

Many people work together so that we will get our bottle of milk every morning. THE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYS MANY TO TEST THE COWS to make sure that they give pure milk. There are those who milk

dreds of miles from the largest cities. To each rural station milk is brought from the surrounding districts by individual farmers. Unless the farmers meet the trains, and the trains are on time, we fail to get our supply promptly. Each individual farmer and his hired man must milk the cows both morning and night without a break in the routine. Out of the price we pay for our milk must go a percentage to each of the workers who have handled it.

Still other individuals are interested in our morning bottle of milk. In order that we may be safe from infected milk, some official of the government has tested the cows for tuberculosis. The government has also quired that certain standards of cleanliness be met, that the milk be kept free from adulteration, and that a definite grade of richness of cream and of purity be maintained. Clean milk, pure milk, rich milk, milk on time, means that we and our family keep in good health. There are many individuals who are sponsible for these conditions.



the cows and still others who deliver the milk to us. Great numbers of people work in THE LARGE STEEL PLANTS where steel rails are made for the railroads that bring the milk from the country to the city.



The Whole World Helps This is not all. Many other agencies, indirectly, are called upon. The engineer and the fireman of the train which brings in the milk must be experienced men.


cars necessary to transport such a product as milk have to be especially manufactured in a great car-making plant. The rails on which the milk trains run are produced in a great steel plant, which in turn goes back to the mining centers of coal and iron. The highways to railroad stations were built and

THOUSANDS MORE BUILD THE AUTOMOBILES that the farmers use to haul the milk to the railroad stations. 3,000,000 American farmers own automobiles. The automobile industry employs 2,739,700 people.

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Many must work together so that we may get our newspaper every day. THE STORY OF A GREAT FIRE must have reporters, editors and printers. Still others, working together, must make the huge rolls of


A Great Newspaper Another interesting example of cooperation is the newspaper. It is the twin, at least in time and importance, to the bottle of milk. The newspaper also meets us at the breakfast table. It is our daily traveling companion. Before we reach the office or workshop we know what has happened throughout the world during the last twenty-four hours. We have read perhaps about a great fire, about the happenings

some important conference in Washington, of the details of yesterday's baseball game,

of modern Blue Beard in Paris, of a man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo, of the President's latest choice for the United States Cabinet, of another missing link discovered in the Himalaya Mountains; all told in short, snappy news items that we may read quickly.

What a marvelous organization a newspaper is, from the boy who delivers it in the morning, right back through the printing plant, composing room, to the wireless and cable, and the

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reporters and editors who gather and edit the news.

All these things illustrate the marvelous fact that we are a part of a vast, intricate organization. Modern life is the combined results of the efforts of thousands, even millions of people, each of whom has contributed his mite of effort. Society is a finely spun, delicate but wonderful organization. To live we

must each be dependent on the other, and yet few of us are conscious that we are working to build and support this organization. Our first concern is to get our wages. How much more interesting and vital our work becomes when we realize its social meaning, that it is our contribution to the sup-' port of society!

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Thousands Employed Take anything which we use, even a silk necktie, and trace it back to its original source, and it will be found that countless men and women have worked to make it. We no longer build our own homes as did the early pioneers in America. We have carpenters and plumbers and painters and architects do the work for us. Wein turn, however, are doing something for each of them. We may work in a school as teachers and educate their children. We may be locomotive engineers who carry materials from city to city. We may be lumbermen in the Maine woods or the Canadian forests who cut the trees which furnish lumber for our home or the wood pulp for our newspaper.

But in any case, whatever we do means working together. Wherever we turn in modern life

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