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W. W. WHITNEY, Toledo, O.

Louisa Polka. Albert Bornstein....
Laughing Maiden Polka. Oscar Lowell..

Nilsson in Character of Mignon. Imperial, Cards and

.35C Stereo. Views. Josie Mazurka. L. Mathias


Grand Duke Alexis. Imperial and Cards.
Gliding Schottische. E. F. Locke....... ......35C
Our Home over There. Song Cronkrite.............. 30C Clara Louise Kellogg New-Imp. C. V. and S. V.

James Fisk, Jr. Imp. and Cards.

Black Crook Beantios. Imp. C. V. and S. V. ELLIOT, BLAKESLBE & NOYES, Boston. Jesus, I give Myself to Theo. Steel Engraving. Size Price, each, Carte de Visite, 25c. ; per doz., $1.80. Impe

about 16x20 Designed by Miss A. R. Sawyer. Engraved rial, soc.; per doz., $5. Stereoscopic Slides, 40c. ; per doz., by J. W. Watt....

.. $2.50 $4.00.

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BOOKS PUBLISHED IN ENGLAND. Angler's (THE) Garland and Fisher's Delight. Fcap 4to. Lee, F. G. Christian Doctrine of Prayer for the Departed. (Bickers)...

.... 28, 6d.
8vo. (Strahan).

. 16s. BENNETT, J. R. Cancerous and other Intra-Thoracic LESTER, J. D. Germanica, Exercises in German ComposiGrowths. (Churchill)...... .8s. tion. ramo. (Nutt)...

35. BROWN, J. B. Our Morals and Manners. Cr. 8vo. (Hod MACKENZIE, J: Beauties of Gaelic Poetry Roy. 8vo. der & Stoughtou)...

.... 25. 6d.

(Maclachlan & Stewart). BYRON, LORD. Songs. r6mo. (Virtue & Co.)...... 35. 6d. MACLISE, D. Pictures, with a Biographical Sketch by DafCox, E. W. Spiritualism Answered by Science. 8vo. (Long:

forne. 4to. (Virtue & Co.).....

....155. man)....

28. 6d.

MAN IN THE Moon and other Tales. 16mo. (Maclehose): 35* DAVIDSON, E. A. Gothic Stonework. (Cassell & NASMYTH, D. Practical Linguist Series, German. Cr. 8vo Co.)...

(Nutt)..... DESCHANEL, A. P. Elementary Treatise on Natural Philoso- NEWMAN, J. H. Fifteen Sermons before the University o phy, pt. 3 (Blackie)..

Oxford. (Rivington)..... ENDMANN, H. Key to Heimann's Materials for Trans. into NORTON, T. The Hermit, a Poem, and Miscellaneous Verse German. (Nutt.....

(Smith, Elder & Co.).... Tools''PARADISE, with the Many Wonderful Adventures PARADISE Transplanted and Restored in Shooe Lane, 1661. there. (Hotten).

8vo. (Bickers). FORSTER, J. L. Episodes of Life in Poetry and Prose. Phelps, Rev. W. W., Life of, by Hole. Vol. 1, 8vo. (Hatch(Hamilton, Adams & Co.)......

....73. 6d.
ard) ...

......tos. 6d. FRAGMENTA CARMINUM. Fcap 8vo. (Simpkin & Co.)...25. PIPITS (The). By author of Caw-Caw. 4to. (Maclehose), .35. CLADSTONE, G. Good Templarism; its History and Princi- PulsFORD, J. Christ and his Seed, etc. Fcap 4to. (Ed. ples. 18mo. (Curtice)....

monston & Douglas)......

....83.6d, GREGORY, R. Are we Better than our Fathers? Cr. 8vo. RAMSAY, E. B. Reminiscences of Scottish Life, etc. (Ed(J. Parker & Co.)..... 28. 6d, monston & Douglas)..

.. Ios. 6d. GRIFFITH, W. Man's State in Nature. 8vo. (Williams &

ROTHSCHILD, C. and A. DE. History and Literature of the Norgate)...

Israelites. (Longman)..

.....38, 6d.

RUSSELL, D. The Miner's Oath. ramo. (Routledge). 33. 6. GURNEY, A. Home Life of Jesus of Nazareth. 12mo. (Riyington)......


SAWYER, W. The Legend of Phyllis, Eudoria, etc. Fcap

8vo. (Longman).... HARRISON, J. Answer to Dr. Pusey's Challenge on the Real

......58. Presence. (Longman)..

SKEAT, W. W. Gospel of St. Mark, Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian. (Rivington)......

....... IOS HOLFORD, J. H. A Memorial Volume of Sermons. (Riv. SOMERSET, DUKE OF. Christian Theology and Modern ington)....

Scepticism. Cr. 8vo. (Bain)...

..59, JENNINGS and JOHNSTONE's Book of Parliamentary Anecdote. St. Cross and other Poems. By Waltou Lewes. Cr. 8vo, (Cassell & Co)... 58. (Provost)....

.. 25. 6d. JEWRY, M. Every-day Cookery. Cr. 8vo. (Warne & Co.) YOUNG FOLKS' Sacred Songs, with Pianoforte Accompani

25. 6d.
ment. (Marr & Sons)..


SITUATIONS WANTED Bulete Business in Books, Stationery, and exceding contes

Free insertion of five lines ; fifteen cents for every tures, etc., established ten years, in an interior city of 35,000 people. About $11,000 required. For A YOUNG MAN of good education and abiliparticulars, address “X,” Trade Circular office, in a good book or periodical publishing house in 712 Broadway, New York.

Boston. Best of city references given. Address

Box 379, St. Albans, Vt.

TANTED.-A situation with some book, staWestern New York, established twenty-five years

tionery, or fancy goods house in the East, ago, now doing a good business. Amount of stock to sell goods for them in the West. Have had about $4,000. Business can be increased. Retail twelve years' experience in different branches of sales $12,000 and upward per year. Increasing the trade. Have good trade in Ohio, Indiana, infirmities are the only reasons for selling. Address Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Michigan. Can fur"BOOKSELLER," care Weekly Trade Circular, 712 nish references. E. G. M., care 157 Main Street, Broadway, New York.

Cincinnati, O.


six years' experience in the book and stationery WELL-KNOWN Publishing House will take G. H. S., care editor Trade Circular.

business. First-class reference given. Address A

a LIVE partner, if the right person can be found, to succeed a retiring partner. Address, with particulars about experience, etc., "SCHOOL


book and stationery trade desires a situation Books," care F. Leypoldt, 712 Broadway, New to solicit orders, in which he has had two years' York.

experience. W. S. LEE, Newark, 0.

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.......... 1.00









From Messrs. Kelly, Piet & Co., Baltimore.

O'Reilly, Rev. A. J. The Martyrs of the Coliseum. 12mo. From American Bible Union, N. Y.

$1.50 Conant, T. J. The Psalms. 8vo........

From Messrs. Loe & Shepard, Boston. From American Unitarian Association, Boston.

Cheney, Mrs. E. D. Social Games. 18mo....... ..$1.00

Cobden, P. The Turning Wheel. 16mo.............. 1.25 Day unto Day. 32mo.....

. $i Cupples, Mrs. G. Singular Creatures. 16mo........., 1.50 From Messrs. D. Appleton & Co., N. Y.

De Mille, Jas. Among the Brigands. 16mo........... 1.50

Drew, B. Pens and Types.16mo.... Abbey, H. Ballads of Good Deeds. 16mo............

-$1.25 Kellogg, E. Sophomores of Radcliffe. 16mo.......... 1.25 From Mr. H. C. Baird, Phila.

The Cruise of the Casco. 76mo... ...... 1.50

Manning, J. M. Half Truths and the Truth. 12mo.... 2.00 Morris, I. W. The Duty on Coal. 8vo.

May, Sophie. Aunt Madge's Story. 18mo...... 75C. From Messrs. J. A. Bancroft & Co., Phila.

The Doctor's Daughter. 16mo....

$1.50 Collins, J. My First Drawing-Book. Sq. 16mo, bds....40C.

Monroe, Anna. The Model Sunday School Speaker. 16mo. 40c

60c. From Messrs. Boosey & Co., N. Y.

Optic, Oliver. Bivouac and Battle. 16mo.... $1.25

Oliver Optic's Magazine. Our Boys and Girls. 4to. Children's Choral Book (The). Sm. 4to.

Proctor, R. A. Strange Discoveries respecting the Aurora, Cowen, F. H. The Rose Maiden. 4to.

and Recent Solar Researches. 8vo..

25C. Handel, G. F. The Messiah. 8vo.

Samuels, Miss A. F. The Dick and Daisy Series. 4 vols. From Messrs. Robt. Carter & Bros., N. Y.

18mo. Per vol..

... 50C.

Schwartz, M. S. The Right One. 8vo. $1.50 ; pap....$1.00 A. L. O. E. Guy Dalesford. 18mo.......

• 50C.

Thomes, Wm. H. The Whaleman's Adventures in the Macduff, J. R. St. Paul in Rome.

Sandwich Islands and California.

.$1.50 Marshall, Emma. Stellafont Abbey. 16mo............ 100 To-Day and Yesterday. 18mo.................50C.

From Messrs. De Witt C. Lent & Co., N. Y. From Messrs. C. C. Chatfield & Co., New Haven, Two Legends of the Christ Child, for Christmas Tide. 4to.

60c. Half-Hours with Modern Scientists Jepson, B. The Elementary Music Reader. 12mo......6oc.

From Messrs. Libby & Swett, San Francisco. Woolsey, Pres. Serving our Generation and God's Guidance

Jenks, Rev. Geo. H. The Lord's Day of the Early Church in Youth.

16mo. From Claremont Mfg. Co., Claremont, N. H.

From Mr. Geo. Maclean, Phila.
Walton's Vermont Register, Farmers' Almanac, and Business Brown, Wm. H. Heart-Throbs of Eminent Authors.
Directory, for 1872. 24mo, pap.

From Mr. Alfred Martien, Phila.
From Messrs. Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, Phila.
Homo versus Darwin.


Boyd, Mrs. E. E. Little Yellow-Jacket Series. 18mo..$3.75

Hosmer, Mrs. M. The Story of a Week. 16mo........ 1.00 From Mr. D. M. Dewey, Rochester.

Kingston, Wm. H. G. Sunshine Bill. 16mo.......... 1.00 Waterbury, Rev. J. H. Children's Praise. Sq. 18mo... 25C.

From Mr. Alex. Moore, Boston. Van Ingen, J. V. My Pocket Mirror. 32mo............150.

Jeffries, B. J. Diseases of the Skin. 8vo..

.$1.00 From Messrs. Dodd & Mead, N. Y.

Kneeland, Ś. The Wonders of the Yosemite Valley and of Abbott, Jacob. August and Elvie. 16mo............

California. 4to......

-$4.00 Hunter and Tom. 6mo....

..... 1.50

From Naturalists' Agency, Salem. Mossat, J. C. A Comparative History of Religions. Part 1.


Hunt, T. S. The Geognosy of the Appalachians, and the Porter, Noah. The Sciences of Nature versus the Science of

Origin of Chrystalline Rocks. 8vo. Man.' romo...

$1.00 Packard, A. S., Jr. Record of American Entomology for the Van Oosterzee, J. J. The Theology of the New Testament.

year 1870. Svo.

From Peabody Academy, Salem.
From Messrs. E. P. Dutton & Co., N. Y.

Packard, A. S., Jr. Embryological Studies of Diplax, PeriPerk, Abner. Merry Maple Leaves. 4to......... $2.00 themis, and the Thysanurous Genus Isotoma. Roy. 8vo.

Second and Third Annual Reports of the Trustees of the PeaFrom Messrs. F. B. Felt & Co., N. Y.

body Academy of Science for the years 1869 and 1870. 8vo. Colange, L. The National Encyclopædia. Nos. 1 and 2.

From National Temperance Society, N. Y. 8vo Each.....

.40C. Newell, R. H. The Walking Doll.

$1.50 Berry, J. R. The Evils of Intemperance. 76mo........150.

Foss, C. D. Temperance and the Pulpit. 16mo.........150. From Messrs. J. B. Ford & Co., N. Y. Raymond, R. W. Mines, Mills, and Furnaces of the Pacific

From Messrs. Nelson & Sons, N. Y.
States and Territories. 8vo....

A. L. O. E. The Lady of Provence. 16mo.....

.$1.75 Cupples, Mrs. Geo. The Story of Our Doll. 16mo..... 1.25 From Mr. P. F. Gogarty, New Orleans.

Howitt, Mary. Birds and Flowers. I 2mo............. 1.75 Linkinwater, T. Mardi Gras.


50C. Kingston, W. H. G. On the Banks of the Amazon. 12mo 2.50 From Messrs. H. S. Goodspeed & Co., N. Y.

From Messrs. Jas. R. Osgood & Co., Boston. Great Fires in Chicago and the West. 8vo..............500 Longfellow, H. W. The Divine Tragedy. 16mo.......$1.50 From Messrs. Harper & Bros., N. Y. Douglas, Marian. Picture Poems for Young Folks.

$1.50 Abbott, Jacob. Gentle Measures in the Management and

Tennyson, Alfred. The Last Tournament. 16mo...... 1.25 Training of the Young. 2m0........... ..$1.50 Washington, The Words of. 16mo....

1.25 Water and Land.

1.50 Du Chaillu, Paul. The Country of the Dwarfs. Illust. From Messrs. T. B. Peterson & Bros., Phila.

Lever, Chas. A Rent in a Cloud. A Novel. 8vo......500. Hamilton, Gail. Woman's Worth and Worthlessness. izmo

Kate O'Donoghue. 8vo.......

........75C. Life of Billy Vidkins. Sq. 18mo...

...........25C. Lockhart, L. W.M. Fair to See. A Novel. 12m0.....750. Newby, Mrs. C. J. Kate Kennedy. 8vo...............500. Marcy, R. B. Border Reminiscences. Izmo.......... $2.00 Reynolds, G. W. M. Rose Foster. 8vo.......

$1.50 Morris, Rev. F.O. Dogs and their Doings. 4to....... 1.75 Stephens, Mrs. Ann S. A Noble Woman. 120. 1.75, 1.50 Paine, Martyn. Physiology of the Soul and Instinct. 8vo. 5.00

Tautphoeus. Baroness Cyrilla. 8vo.....

75C. Poets of the Nineteenth Century. New ed. 8vo....... 5.00 Warren, S. C. Ten Thousand a Year. A Novel. 8vo. Pap. Round the World by a Boy. 12mo..... ...... 1.50

$1.50 and $2.00 Trollope, T. A. Durnton Abbey. A Novel. 8vo....... 50C.

Watson, J. W. Beautiful Snow and other Poems. 8vo.. 2.00 From Messrs. R. Hoe & Co., N. Y.

From Messrs. Pott, Young & Co., N. Y. Hints to Stereotypers and Electrotypers. 8vo.

Whitaker, J. Almanac for 1872. 26mo....

50C. From Messrs. Holt & Williams, N. Y.

From Messrs. A. D. F. Randolph & Co., N. Y. Taine, H. A. History of English Literature. 2 vols. 8vo.

Bingham, J. F. The Christian Marriage Ceremony. 12mo. $10.00

$1.75 From Messrs. Hurd & Houghton, N. Y. Fabrics: a Story of To-dav.

1.50 Nichols, Tas. R. Fireside Science.

. $1.50 / Winthrop, Sophy. Miss Robert's Fortune. 12mo...... 1.50

I 2mo.....



I 2mo...........

Sm. 4to.


1 2mo....




1 2mo.......





A Treatise on the Law of Trusts and Trustees. By J. W. PERRY, Esq. 8vo. $7.50. Bishop's Criminal Procedure. Commentaries on Criminal Procedure. By JOEL E. BISHOP. Second edition.

2 vols 8vo. $15.00. Story on the Conflict of Laws.

Seventh edition. Edited by E. H. Bennett, Esq. 8vo. $7.50. Daniell's Chancery Practice. Pleading and Practice of the High Court of Chancery. Fourth edition, revised and edited

by Hon. J. C. Perkins. From the last English edition. 3 vols. 8vo. $22.50. Kerr on Injunctions. The Law and Practice of Injunctions in Equity. With extensive Notes, and Additions

from American Cases. By W. A. Herrick, Esq. 8vo. $7.50. Cooley's Constitutional Limitations. A Treatise on the Constitutional Limitations upon Legislative Power in the several States

of the American Union. By Hon. Thomas M. Cooley, of the Supreme Court of

Michigan. Second edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo. $7.50. Langdell's Leading Cases in Contracts. A selection of Cases on the Law of Contracts. With References and Citations. By C.

C. Langdell, Dane Professor of Law at Harvard University. 8vo. $7.50. Redfield and Bigelow's Bills and Notes. Leading and Select American Cases in the Law of Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes,

and Checks; arranged according to subjects, with Notes and References. By

Isaac T. Redfield and Melville M. Bigelow. 8vo. $7.50. Washburn's Law Lectures. Lectures on the Study and Practice of the Law. Delivered in the Law School of Harvard

University. By Emory Washburn, LL.D. Crown 8vo. Cloth, $2.00 ; sheep, $2.50 Crocker's Notes on Common Forms. Notes on Common Forms. A Book of Massachusetts Law. By Uriel H. Crocker.

Second edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo. $6.00. Curtis's Conveyancer. The American Conveyancer; containing a large variety of Legal Forms and Instruments

in use throughout the United States. Together with Forms and Directions for Applicants under the Patent Laws of the United States. By George T. Curtis. Second edition, revised, corrected, and enlarged. With an Appendix of Useful

Tables. By Mark H. Durgin. Crown 8vo. $2.25. United States Digest. Vols. XXVIII. and XXIX. Digest of the Decisions of the Courts of the Common Law,

Equity, and Admiralty in the United States and in England. Royal 8vo. $6.50

per vol.

NEARLY READY. MASSACHUSETTS DIGEST. Vol. III. From Practice; as determined by the best authorities.

1857 to 1870. By M. H. Bennett and H. W. By Melville M. Bigelow. Svo. Holland, Esqs. Royal 8vo.

HILLIARD ON MORTGAGES. A Treatise UNITED STATES DIGEST. Vol. XXX on the Law of Mortgages of Real and Personal

Digest of the Decisions of the Courts of the Property. Fourth Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. Common Law, Equity, and Admiralty in the BIGELOW'S OVERRULED CASES. A ColUnited States and in England.

Royal 8vo.

lection of Cases Overruled, Reversed, Denied, Sheep.

Doubted, Qualified, Limited, and Explained. MORSE on ARBITRATIONS and AWARDS. By Melville M. Bigelow. 8vo.

A Treatise on the Law of Arbitrations and MAY ON INSURANCE. A Treatise on the Awards. By John T. Morse, Esq. 8vo.

Law of Insurance as applicable to Fire, Life, BIGELOW ON ESTOPPEL. The Law of Accident, and other Risks not Maritime. By

Estoppel, and its application in Pleading and John W. May, Esq. 8vo.



London, 1862 and Paris, 1867,




English Bibles,



Church Services, Lessons, &c., &c.

Largest and most varied Stoek

EVER IMPORTED, AND Unsurpassed in finish or elegance of Design.






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