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thCierk's Office oi the District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Transferred to Moss & Brother.

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This volume contains the condensed substance of more expensive works that have been published relative to the men and times of the American Revolution. The character and acts of the most prominent Sages and Heroes of that eventful era are delineated. A sufficient amount of documentary matter is inserted to enable the reader to fully understand the causes, progress and triumphant termination of that sanguinary struggle that resulted in FREEDOM to the new world and prepared an asylum for the oppressed. The French and Indian wars are prominently noticed. More Revolutionary names are rescued from oblivion in this book than in any other extant. I have introduced many practical remarks intended to rouse the reflective powers of the immortal mind and increase a patriotic love for our expanding Republic and glorious institutions. These remarks are designed to be living epistles animated with “thoughts that breathe and words that burn." There are many festering wounds on our body politic that need probing to the bottom-cancers that require the best treatment of the boldest operators in moral, religious and political surgery. The text is concise and not dressed in the dogmatical garb of arbitrary punctuation. In preparing the historical part I have consulted numerous documents and the most approved works in our libraries. Once for all I award a general credit. The relation of events is usually in my own plain laconic language. I believe this volume as free from errors as any of its illustrious predecessors. It has long been a cherished desideratum in my mind to place this multum in parvo within the reach of every working man in our land. I have exerted my best efforts to make it interesting and instructive by blending a perspective chart of human nature with the thrilling history of the times that tried the souls of the patriots of '76. It is my ardent desire that it may prove beneficial to readers and publisher.


of the Philadelphia Bar. PHILADELPHY, MARCH 4, 1851.

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Clark George Rogurs 424 Johnson Francis. 443 Paulding John 462

Clinton Charles 424 Johnson Samuel . 443 Peters Nathan

Clinton George 425 Johnson William 413 Peters Richard

Clinton James 425 Jones John Paul 444 Pettit Charles . 463

Comstock Adam . 425 Kennard Nathaniel . 445 Pickering Timothy

Coward Joseph 426 King Rufus

445 Pickens Andrew . 464

Croghan William 426 Kirkwood Robert 445 Porter Andrew 464

Cropper John 426 Knowlton Thomas 446 Preble Edward 465

Cushing Thomas. 427 Knox Henry. . 446 Prescott William . 466

Dale Richard. 427 Kosciuszco Thaddeus 446 Priolcau Samuel .

Darke William 427 Lacy John

447 Pulaski Count

Davie Richardson W. 427 Laurens Henry, . 448 Putnam Israel 466

Davidson William 428 Laurens John

449 Putnam Rufus 467

Dickinson Philemon. 428 Ledyard William 449 Ramsay David 468

Drayton Wm. Henry 429 Lee Arthur 449 Randolph Edmund , 468

Dyer Eliphalet 429 Lee Charles

450 Randolph Peyton · 468

Elsworth Oliver 430 Lee Henry

450 Reed Joseph

Forrest Uriah 430 Lee Ezra

451 Revere Paul


Gadsden Christopher 430 Lee Thomas Sim. 451 Sargent Winthrop . 469

Gansevoort Peter 431 Lincoln Benjamin 451 Scammel Alexander . 469

Gibson John 432 Lippitt Christopher . 452 St. Clair Arthur . 470

Gibson George

432 Livingston Robert R. 452 Schaick Gosen Van . 470

Greene Christopher . 433 Livingston William 453 Schuyler Philip . . 470

Graeff George 433 McClintock Nathaniel 453 Sedgewick Theodore 471

Griffin Cyrus . 433 McKinstry John. . 453 Sergeant Jonathan D. 471

Gurney Francis 434 McPherson William. 454 Smallwood William 472

Gwinn William 434 Madison James 454 Steuben Francis Wm.

Hale Nathan. 434 Manly John 454 Augustus Baron de 472

Hamilton Alexander 435 Marshall John 455 Strong Caleb. 472

Hamilton Paul 436 Mathews Thomas 455 Sullivan John 472

Hathaway Benoni 436 Mercer Hugh . 455 Sullivan James 473

Hawkins Nathan 437 Meigs Return Jona'n 456 Stevens Edward . 473

Hawley Joseph 437 Mifflin Thomas 457 Thomas John. 473

Hayne Isaac. 437 Miller Henry.

457 Thomas Thomas . 474

Heath William 437 Monroe James 457 Truxton Thomas . 474

Heston Edward 438 Montgomery Richard 458 Wadsworth Jeremiah 474

Holden Levi 438 Morgan Daniel 458 Ward Artemus 475

Houston John 438 Morgan John.

459 Ward Henry . .


Howard John Eager 439 Morris Governeur 459 Washington William 475

Humphrey David 439 Moultrie William 459 Wheelock John 476

Huntington Jedèdiah 439 Muhlenberg Peter 460 Williams Otho H. 476

Irvine Andrew 440 Nicholson James. 460 Winder Levin 476

Irwin Jared

440 Ogden Matthias . 461 Wolcott Erastus 476

Jackson Andrew. 440 Olney Jeremiah . 461 Wooster David

Jackson James 441 Orr John. 461 Wyllis Samuel . 477

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