Renaissance in Italy: The Catholic reaction ...

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Strana 293 - Thou shalt not commit adultery : but I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her, hath committed adultery already with her in his heart.
Strana 23 - But what are kings, when regiment is gone, But perfect shadows in a sunshine day? My nobles rule, I bear the name of king ; I wear the crown but am controlled by them, By Mortimer, and my unconstant queen.
Strana 102 - Carafta, ipocrita infingardo, Che tien per coscienza spirituale Quando si mette del pepe in sul cardo. Paul IV. brought the first period of the transition to an end. There were no attempts at dislodging the Spaniard, no Papal wars, no tyranny of Papal nephews converted into feudal princes, after his days. He stamped Roman society with his own austere and bigoted religion.
Strana 68 - I have thought on its contents, and weighed them in the balance of reason. I find in it nothing which may not be approved and defended, but some things which, as mysteries, it is safer to suppress and conceal than to bring before the common people.
Strana 69 - ... is safer to suppress and conceal than to bring before the common people. Though suitable to the primitive and infant state of the church, yet now, when the decrees of the fathers and long usage have sanctioned other modes, what necessity is there for reviving antiquated practices which have for ages fallen into desuetude, especially as neither piety nor the salvation of the soul is concerned with them? Let us then, I pray you, allow these things to rest. Not that I disapprove of their being embraced...
Strana 266 - I ought to be like a corpse, which has neither will nor understanding, or like a small crucifix, which is turned about at the will of him who holds it, or like a staff in the hands of an old man, who uses it as may best assist or please him.
Strana 69 - Lord may not be rent and torn. It was this consideration, I suppose, which moved those good men who lately laid before pope Paul a plan of reforming Christianity, to advise that the Colloquies of Erasmus should be banished from our republic, as Plato formerly banished the poems of Homer from his.
Strana 56 - Calabria, were given over to marauding bandits; wide tracks of fertile country, like the Sienese Maremma, were abandoned to malaria; wolves prowled through empty villages round Milan; in every city the pestilence swept off its hundreds daily; manufactures, commerce, agriculture, the industries of town and rural district, ceased; the Courts swarmed with petty nobles, who vaunted paltry titles; and resigned their wives to cicisbei and their sons to sloth: art and learning languished; there was not...
Strana 53 - Italy into accord; and it is indubitable, as I have had occasion to point out, that the political force which eventually introduced Italy into the European system of federated nations was determined in its character, if not created, then. None the less, the history of this period (1530-1600) in Italy is a prolonged, a solemn, an inexpressibly heartrending tragedy. It is the tragic history of the eldest and most beautiful, the noblest and most venerable, the freest and most gifted of Europe's daughters,...
Strana 338 - Gampanella, who was tortured in this way at Naples, says that on one occasion a pound and a half of his flesh was macerated, and ten pounds of his blood shed. ' Perduravi horis quadraginta, funiculis arctissimis ossa usque secantibus ligatus, pendens manibus retro contortis de fune super acutissimum lignum qui (?) carnis sextertium (?) in posterioribus mihi devoravit et decem sanguinis libras tellus ebibit.

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