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And after slew herself.

Alb. Even so.-Cover their faces.

Edm. I pant for life : some good I mean to do, Despite of mine own nature. Quickly send, Be brief in it,-to the castle ; for my writ Is on the life of Lear, and on Cordelia. Nay, send in time. Alb.

Run, run, 0, runEdg. To who, my lord ?-Who has the office ?

send Thy token of reprieve. Edm. Well thought on: take

my sword; Give it the captain.

Alb. Haste thee, for thy life. [Exit Edgar. Edm. He hath commission from thy wife and


To hang Cordelia in the prison, and
To lay the blame upon her own despair,
That she fordid 1 herself.
Alb. The gods defend her! Bear him hence

[Edmund is borne off.

Enter LEAR, with CORDELIA dead in his arms;

EDGAR, OFFICER, and others.

Lear. Howl, howl, howl, howl!-0, you are men

of stones : Had I your tongues and eyes, I'd use them so

| Destroyed.

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