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Kent. How fares your grace ?

Kent. How fares your grace ?

Enter GLOSTER, with a torch.


Lear. What's he?
Kent. Who's there? What is 't


seek? Glos. What are you there? Your names ?

Edg. Poor Tom; that eats the swimming frog, the toad, the tadpole, the wall-newt, and the water ; 1 that in the fury of his heart, when the foul fiend rages, eats cow-dung for sallets ; swallows the old rat, and the ditch-dog; drinks the green mantle of the standing pool; who is whipped from tithing to tithing, and stocked, punished, and imprisoned ; who hath had three suits to his back, six shirts to his body, horse to ride, and weapon to wear ;

• But mice, and rats, and such small deer,

Have been Tom's food for seven long year.' Beware


follower :-peace, Smolkin ; 3 peace, thou

fiend ! Glos. What, hath your grace no better com


Edg. The prince of darkness is a gentleman; Modo he's call’d, and Mahu.4 Glos. Our flesh and blood, my lord, is grown so


ii. e. the water-newt.
2 A tithing is a division of a county.
3 Name of a spirit.

4 The chief devil.

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