Resisting the Holocaust

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Berg Publishers, 1. 10. 1998 - Počet stran: 264
Although much has been written about the resistance to the Holocaust, public discussion still almost exclusively focuses on the resistance of male non-Jews. This reader seeks to redress the imbalance by looking at resistance from the perspective of the victims, almost exclusively Jewish and, in some cases, female. Their resistance embraces a variety of actions and movements, passive and active, performed by individuals, groups and nations. Leading scholars from a wide range of disciplines - including anthropology, history, politics, and sociology - supply us with engrossing accounts of individual resisters, family groups, movements, and the resistance of entire nations. Contributions cover:- Primo Levi and Survival in Auschwitz - The Auschwitz Children's Camp- The Warsaw Ghetto Youth Movement- Intermarriage in Nazi Germany- Jewish Women in the French Resistance- Foundations of Resistance in German-Occupied DenmarkThis book places the fact of Jewish resistance in a new light and represents an important sourcebook on studies of the Holocaust, German and Jewish history.

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Ruby Rohrlich Professor Emerita,City University of New York and Research Professor, George Washington University

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