Investigation of Panama Canal Tolls: Hearings...on H.Res. 44...March 14, April 6, 19, May 23, June 6, 14, 1949

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Strana 76 - the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, by the way of the River San Juan de Nicaragua and either or both the Lakes of Nicaragua or Managua, to any port or place on the Pacific Ocean—the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, has conferred full powers on JOHN M. CLAYTON, Secretary of State of the United States;
Strana 79 - 4. No belligerent shall embark or disembark troops, munitions of war, or warlike materials in the canal, except in case of accidental hindrance of the transit, and in such case the transit shall be resumed with all possible dispatch. Prizes shall be in all respects subject to the same Rules as vessels of war of the belligerents.
Strana 78 - of America; Who, having communicated to each other their full powers which were found to be in due and proper form, have agreed upon the following Articles: ARTICLE i The High Contracting Parties agree that the present Treaty shall supersede the afore-mentioned Convention of the 19th April, 1850.
Strana 75 - IX. Ratification.] The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and HER BRITANNIC MAJESTY, being desirous of consolidating the relations of amity which so happily subsist between them, by setting forth and fixing in a Convention their views and intentions with reference to any means of communication by Ship Canal, which may be constructed between
Strana 77 - stipulations, to any other practicable communications, whether by Canal or railway, across the Isthmus which connects North and South America; and, especially, to the interoceanic communications—should the same prove to be practicable, whether by Canal or railway—which are now proposed to be
Strana 79 - It is agreed that no change of territorial sovereignty or of the international relations of the country or countries traversed by the before-mentioned canal shall affect the general principle of neutralization or the obligation of the High Contracting Parties under the present Treaty. ARTICLE V The present Treaty shall be ratified by the President
Strana 65 - passenger or cargo, 90 cents per net vesselton of 100 cubic feet each of actual earning capacity—that is, the net tonnage determined in accordance with the rules for the measurement of vessels for the Panama Canal. "3. On other floating craft, including warships, other than transports, colliers, hospital ships, and supply ships,
Strana 77 - of the United States and Great Britain having not only desired in entering into this Convention, to accomplish a particular object, but, also, to establish a general principle, they hereby agree to extend their protection, by
Strana 80 - XXIII. Protection of canal. XXIV. Change in government, laws, etc. XXV. Coaling stations. XXVI. Ratification. ISTHMIAN CANAL CONVENTION The United States of America and the Republic of Panama being desirous to insure the construction of a ship canal across the Isthmus of Panama to connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and the Congress of the United States of
Strana 79 - consent of the Senate thereof, and by His Britannic Majesty; and the ratifications shall be exchanged at Washington or at London at the earliest possible time within six months from the date hereof. IN FAITH WHEREOF the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed this Treaty and thereunto affixed their seals. DONE in duplicate at Washington, the 18th day of November, in the year of

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