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Rohrbach, Dr Paul, Die Bagdad.

bahn,' extract from, 411, 428.
Rumania, German Penetration

in, 387-decline of Turkish domi.
nation, 388-influence of French
civilisation, 388, 408-policy of
Germany, 390-administration of
Prince Carol, 391 - organisation
of the army, ib.-construction of
railways, 392, 394 — import of
English goods, 393-financial help
from Germany, 394-398—result of
a policy of extravagant construc-
tion, 395--amount of the debt, 396—
number of banks, 397—torpidity of
British traders, 398—-imports from
Germany, 399 - establishment of
industries, 400-oil-industry, 401-
404---shipping, 404—work of Ger-
man diplomatists, 405-invasion of
workmen, ib. - influence of the
schools, 406--the clubs, 407-bor-
rowed vices, ib. — relations with
the Germans, 408—the · Junimea,'
409-development of Deutschtum,

the monarchy, ib.-his title of the
first-crowned king,' 495—the reigos
of Stephen Urosh I, 496—Stephen
Urosh II, 497-Stephen Urosh III.
498—Stephen Dushan, ib.-crowned
at Skopje, 499-extension of his
dominions, 500—his Code of law,
ib.-power of the magnates, 501–
advantages of a coast line, ib.-
collapse of his empire, 502—dispute
in the succession, ib. Stephen
Urosh V, 503—battle of Kossovo,
504-Stephen Lazarevich. Despot,'

505—George Brankovich, 506.
Sifton, Sir Clifford, on Imperial

policy, 275.
Singer, Charles, “The Early Treat-

ment of Gunshot Wounds,' 452.
Small-holding system, policy of ex-

tending, 136. See Land.
Soldiers and Sailors on the Land,

135. See Land.
Somme, battle of the, 243.
Spithead, naval reviews at, sound of

the guns, 217.
Steed, Wickham, Hapsburg Mon-

archy,' extract from, 477.
Szold, Henrietta, 'Recent Jewish

Progress in Palestine,' 426 note.

Rumania, intervention in the war,

582-plan of operations, 583. See

Russia, military operations in Ar-

menia, 229–Mesopotamia, 230—
Volhynia, 240—Bukowina, 242.



Sailors and Soldiers on the Land, Townshend, General, his surrender
135. See Land,

of Kut, 232-statement of his

views, 233-235—relations with
Saint-Marc Girardin, 'Souvenirs de General Nixon, 235.
Voyages et d'études,' extract from,

Trade and Industry, English and

German Banking, in Relation
Schliemann, Dr, result of his exca-

to, 532. See Banking.
vations at Troy, 1.

Trade and Manufactures, British

433. See British.
Scott, Sir Walter, his introduction

to Mrs Hughes, 549, 555-corre Trade Unions and Associations of
spondence with her, 555—illness, Employers, relations between, 310-
561-death, 562-anecdotes of, ib. 313.
--Sketch of Abbotsford, 563.

Treitschke, The Political Philo-
Serbian Empire, The Mediæval, sophy of, 176-character of his

488-history, 489_territory, 490— teaching, ib.--translations of bis
name, ib.-three sections, 491– lectures, 177-criticisms of Mr
first war with the Bulgarians, ib. Balfour, ib.-conception of the
-destruction of the Bulgarian State and Society, 178–180, 193–
Empire by the Byzantine Emperor, two cbaracteristics, 181—the Ro
492-emancipation of the Serbs, man Empire, ib.-Judea, 182–
493 -- their characteristics, 494— ancient Greece, ib.-Italy under
Stephen Nemanja, the founder of Machiavelli, 183–essence of the

State is Power, 183, 191-193-in-
version of the moral law of love,
184—influence of culture, 185–
doctrine of a 'general craving,'
186—provincialism, 187—achieve-
ment of unity by force, ib.-anti-
pathy to Prussia, 188—appointed
Professor of History in the Uni-
versity of Berlin, ib.-acceptance
by Germany of the first half of his
doctrine, 189-definition of the
term patriotism, 191-character of
his logic, 193-moral World-State,

War, The, and Congress, 196. See

War, The Course of the, on Land,

228—result of the Military Service
Act, 229–Russo-Turkish campaign
in Armenia, ib.-operations in
Mesopotamia, 230, 235-surrender
of Kut, 231-235—Arab rising in
the Yemen, 235-military opera-
tions on the Western front, 236-
239-on the Austro-Italian frontier,
239—Russian plan of operations in
Volhynia, 240-242—in the Buko-
wina, 242-battle of the Somme,

Trojan War, The, 1-excavations

of Dr Schliemann, ib.-Dr Dörp.
feld, 2—Sir A. Evans, ib.-basis of
the theme of the Iliad in history,
3-features of the landscape, 4-6—
ruins of the fortress, 6—the Scæan
Gate, 6–8—worship of Athene, 8–
geography of the Troad, 10-13-
necessity of Euxine trade to Greece,
11, 19—the Achæans, 13-identifi-
cation of Ithaca with Leucas, 15—
test of probability, 16—compared
with the cycle of Merovingian
poetry, 17-the Troes, ib.—the
Dardanians, 18—Greek names of
rulers, ib.--the Attic Poseidon, 19.

War, The Course of the, 565—re-

sult of the closer accord between
the Allies, ib.-attacks at Verdun,
566-operations on the Somme,
566-573-improvement in tactical
methods, 573-need to destroy the
military spirit of the hostile nation,
574-rapidity of the Allies' pro-
gress, ib, weakening of the
enemy forces, 575–exhaustion of
the trained reserves, ib.-opera-
tions on the Eastern front, 576-580
--the Italian frontier, 580-inter-
vention of Rumania, 582–plan of
operations, 583—hostile reinforce-
ments into Transylvania, 584-586 —
invasion of the Dobrudja, 586-588
-operations at Salonika, 588.


United States, industrial operations,

434-organisation, 445.


Verdun, battle of, 236, 243.
Vesale, André, 'De humani corporis

fabrica,' 460.
Victoria, Queen, sound of the guns

at her funeral, 218, 224-her rela-

tions with Lord Beaconsfield, 527.
Vigo, Giovanni de, “Practica in arte

chirurgia copiosa,' 457-treatment

of gunshot wounds, 458.
Voelcher, Dr J. A., “Report on the

Improvement of Indian Agri-
culture,' 348.

War, The Trojan, 1. See Trojan.
Waugh, Arthur, The New Poetry,'

Wilhelmshaven naval base, 92, 318.
Wilkinson, W., 'An Account of the

Principalities of Wallachia and

Moldavia,' extract from, 389, 393.
Willyams, Mrs Brydges, her friend-

ship with Lord Beaconsfield, 525.
Wilson, President, his neutrality

proclamation, 196-explanation of

his policy, 210-212.
Wind, anomalies in the transmission

of sound by the, 219-an important
factor, 222-variations in the ve-
locity, 223-225.

Wirtz, Felix, his treatment of gun-

shot wounds, 466.


Walpole, Stephen, “History of Eng.

land from 1815 to 1880,' 481.

Wise, B. R., The Making of the

Australian Commonwealth,' 274

views on perseverance and hope i

the war, 132, 133.
Worsfold, W. Basil, “The Empire so

the Anvil,' 266 et seq.


Wordsworth, A New Life of, 116

-works on, 116, 129-style of G. M.
Harper's Life, 117 et seq.-revision
of his poem “The Prelude,' 118–
allusions to angels, 119-sonnet
• Retirement,' ib.-letters from
France, 120-convictions on the
essential qualities of the human
spirit, 121~political views, 122–
views on the French Revolution,
123—prose writings, ib.-sympathy
with the poor, 124– The Happy
Warrior,' 125, 133-struggle of his
feelings between 1793–1795.. 126-
129-sonnet ‘Fair Star of Evening,'
128_character of his patriotic
poetry, 129-131-pamphlet on the
Convention of Cintra, 131, 133—

Yuan Shih-kai, organiser of the Pro

visional Republican Government.
157-elected President, 158, 161–
measures, 160. See Chinese,


* Zionism and the Jewish Future.

426 note.




England's Empty Cradles

By Father Bernard Vaughan, S.J. A notable paper by one of the most eloquent of Roman Catholic priests. A solemn warning as to England's future, with pointedly valuable lessons for America. A paper deserving the widest reading. Printed in the Nineteenth Century and After for September. rice, post free, 60 cents

Leonard Scott Pub. Co.

Friends of France

A book of American heroism on the battlefields of France. The Field Seryice of the American Ambulance described by its members. No more stirring or inspiring war stories have been published than these simple records of the experiences of American boys driving their ambulances along the firing line, collecting the wounded. The field service of the American Ambulance is the most direct and adventurous part played by Americans in the great struggle, and these stories of the actual experiences of its members will be found inspiring to every reader. The illustrations, all of which are of the deepest interest, include fifty uncensored photographs, together with many drawings made especially for the volume by noted French artists. A book of marvellous and penetrating

interest. Price, $2.00 net; carriage extra

Houghton Mifflin Co.

Shakespeare and Precious Stones

By Dr. G. F. Kunz A scholarly book treating of the known references to precious stones in Shakespeare's Works, with comments as to the origin of his material, the knowledge of the Poet concerning precious stones, and references as to where the precious stones of his time came from. An unusual book, dealing with a little known aspect of Shakespeare's resources and learning and an interesting memorial of the recent tercentenary anniversary. Beautifully printed, with numerous

illustrations. Price, $1.25 net; carriage extra

J. B. Lippincott Co.

Projective Ornament

By Claude Bragdon An interesting effort to suggest a new and hitherto unapplied form of artistic decoration. Recognizing the aesthetic poverty into which the modern art world has fallen, the author has sought a new spring of beauty, and has produced a book abounding in suggestiveness, copiously illustrated with many drawings and

designs of high originality. Price, $1.50; carriage extra

Alfred A. Knopf

Regulation of Public Utilities

By Samuel S. Wyer A notable book dealing with the regulation, valuation and depreciation of Public Utilities. The author is a distinguished engineer who gives in this book the results of wide experience and extended study. The book appeals not only to every one concerned with Public Utilities, but to those investing in securities

based on them. Price, $5.00; postpaid

Sears & Simpson Co.

Notable Articles on the World Wa

The German Chancellor and Peace Factors in the Problem of the Nes By J. W. Headlam. Nineteenth Century East: Germany

By J.A. The War Industries of Fracce By Marriott.

Fortnightly Recir Prof. L. Levy-Bruhl.

Sweden and the Belligerents

By D. Nineteenth Century E. J. Dillon. Contemporary Rear The Treatment of Prisoners in Germany New Partitions of Poland

BI By Francis Gribble.

Polonus. Contemporary Rev Nineteenth Century The Beginning of the Anglo-French A Ways Out of the Irish Labyrinth By liance

By T. H. S. Escst: D. C. Lathbury. Nineteenth Century

Contemporary Rese The Testing of the New British Navy- Native Races and Peace Termas May 31, 1916.

By Archibald Hurd. John H. Harris. Contemporary Raz

Fortnightly Review The Trials to Come By Dr. Art The Little Nations and the War By


Nineteenth Cent. E. Bruce Mitford. Fortnightly Review

The Real Aims of the 'Peaceful' Ga The First Battle of Ypres


man Nation By J. W. Headl: Mrs. Margaret L. Woods.

Nineteenth Centu Fortnightly Review Germany and Ireland:


Achilles-Heel' German Economic Methods and their

By Walter Sicht

Nineteenth Centur Defeat. By Henri Hauser

The Blockade and the Honour of El Fortnightly Review

land By Sir Francis Piggo Continental Democracies and Compul

Nineteenth Center sory Military Service

By G. G.

An Unwilling Foe: Sidelights on Ac Coulton.

Fortnightly Review tria-Hungary By Mrs. Dickins The Royal Navy and the Battle of Horn Berry, M.D. Nineteenth Centur Reef

By the Rt. Hon. Lord How Germany Can Pay By Frane: Sydenham. Contemporary Review Gribble.

Nineteenth Century Lord Kitchener

By Col. F. N. The German Peril after the War B
Contemporary Review Archibald Hurd. Fortnightly Revica

The German Menaco to Holland
The Heligoland Mistake By Evans
Contemporary Review

Fortnightly Revier

The British Advance Technical Schools for Maimed Soldiers:

By "Speci... Reserve."

Fortnightly Revier L'Ecole Joffre By the Rev. Thomas

Verdun-and After By Julius M Hannan. Contemporary Review


Fortnightly Revia. Gallieni: the Man and his Career By The Efficacy of the Blockade BE Charles Dawbarn.

J. M. I ennedy. Fortnightly Review Contemporary Review

Purpose of American Neutrality BE Sea Power in its Dual Relation

Jam s Davenport Whelpley. Commander E. Hamilton Currey,

Fortnightly Revie R. N.

Nineteenth Century Commercial Supremacy after the War The Future of Asiatic Turkey Ву By the Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Compton J. Ellis Barker. Nineteenth Century


Contemporary Review The Resurgence of Russia By Robert

The Entente Cordiale By J. L de Machray.

Nineteenth Century

Contemporary Revicu

The Conscription of Industry Ву Sea Rights and Sea Power: Great Brit

J. H. Harley. ain and the United States

Contemporary Revicu By

The Conquest of the Cameroon By Sidney Low. Fortnightly Review

Edward Bond. Contemporary Reviet Some French Fighters By Charles

German War Literature By Thomas Dawbarn. Fortnightly Review

F. A. Smith, Ph.D. Contemporary Rev. More German Promises to America By Impressions of a Hospital Chaplain James Davenport Whelpley

By the Rev. W. W. Holdsworth.
Fortnightly Review

Contemporary Review
Price, 50 Cents Each.
Test 13th Stroet

Now York


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