Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Louisiana, Svazek 109

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F.F. Handell, 1903

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Strana 339 - This entire policy shall be void if the insured has concealed or misrepresented in writing, or otherwise, any material fact or circumstance concerning this insurance or the subject thereof...
Strana 1005 - ... decide the whole matter in controversy in the same manner as if it had been brought there for review by writ of error or appeal.
Strana 881 - This company shall not be liable beyond the actual cash value of the property at the time any loss or damage occurs, and the loss or damage shall be ascertained or estimated according to such actual cash value, with proper deduction for depreciation however caused, and shall in no event exceed what it would then cost the insured to repair or replace the same with material of like kind and quality...
Strana 917 - If a suit be brought to set aside a conveyance obtained by fraud, and the fraud be clearly proved, the conveyance will be set aside, as between the parties ; but the rights of third persons, who are purchasers without notice, for a valuable consideration, cannot be disregarded. Titles which, according to every legal test, are perfect, are acquired with that confidence which is inspired by the opinion that the purchaser is safe.
Strana 571 - The general assembly shall never adopt any system or code of laws by general reference to such system or code of laws, but in all cases shall recite at length the several provisions of the laws it may enact.
Strana 867 - The State may mould local institutions according to its views of policy or expediency; but local government is matter of absolute right; and the State cannot take it away. It would be the boldest mockery to speak of a city as possessing municipal liberty where the State not only shaped its government, but at discretion sent in its own agents to administer it; or to call that system one of constitutional freedom under which it should be equally admissible to allow the people full control in their...
Strana 433 - SEC. 9. The property of no person shall be taken by any corporation, for public use, without compensation being first made or secured, in such manner as may be prescribed by law. SEC. 10. No corporation except for municipal purposes or for the construction of railroads, plank roads and canals, shall be created for a longer time than thirty years...
Strana 103 - Garvin mine, one on the east side and the other on the west side of a little branch which flows north into Trough Camp branch.
Strana 417 - ... the harbor and of the lands under them is a subject of public concern to the whole people of the State. The trust with which they are held, therefore, is governmental and cannot be alienated, except in those instances mentioned of parcels used in the improvement of the interest thus held, or when parcels can be disposed of without detriment to the public interest in the lands and waters remaining.
Strana 1057 - Masters and employers are answerable for the damage occasioned by their servants and overseers, in the exercise of the functions in which they are employed.

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