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" ... Portland. An epitome of bookkeeping by double entry; delineated on a scale suited to the faculties and comprehension of senior school boys and youth, designed for the mercantile line. Comprising systematic and unerring rules for the forming monthly... "
An Epitome of Book-keeping by Double Entry: Delineated on a Scale Suited to ... - Strana 1
autor/autoři: Thomas Turner - 1804 - 148 str.
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A Bibliography of the State of Maine from the Earliest Period to 1891, Svazek 2

Joseph Williamson - 1896
...systematic and unerring rules for the forming monthly statements of books, as well as those for opening, conducting, adjusting, and closing them ; — with...of practice, rendered easy to the smallest capacity : and calculated to initiate them in the true principles, and to make them perfect in the rules, by...
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