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Superftition, an error arising from a mistaken de.

votion, N. 201. Superstition hath something in it destructive to religion, 213.

T TAlents ought to be valued according as they are

applied, N. 172. Taste (corrupt) of the age, to what attributed, N.

208. Temperance the best preservative of health, N. 195.

What kind of temperance the best, ibid. Temple (Sir William) his rule for drinking, N. 195. Ten, called by the Platonick writers the complete

number, N. 221. Thinking aloud, what, N. 211 Trade, trading, and landed interest ever jarring,

N. 574.

Tradition of the Jews concerning Mofes, N. 237.
Transmigration, what, N: 201..
Trunk-maker, a great man in the upper-gallery in

the play-house, N. 235.

Irtue, the moft reasonable and genuine fource

of honour, N. 219. Of a beautiful nature, 243. The great ornaments of it, ibid. To be esteemed in a foc, ibid.

W WHiftling match described, N. 179.

Wife, how much preferable to å mistress,

N. 199.

Wise men and fools, the difference between them,

N. 225 Wit'; the many artifices and modes of false wit,

N. 220.
Women : deluding women, their practices exposed,
N. 182. Women great orators, 247.

Yawning, a Christmas gambol, N. 179.

End of the THIRD VOLUME.

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