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Niagara University, 1878

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Strana 43 - His talk was like a stream, which runs With rapid change from rocks to roses: It slipped from politics to puns, It passed from Mahomet to Moses; Beginning with the laws which keep The planets in their radiant courses, And ending with some precept deep For dressing eels, or shoeing horses.
Strana 1 - It was at Rome, on the 15th of October 1764, as I sat musing amidst the ruins of the Capitol, while the barefooted friars were singing vespers in the temple of Jupiter,* that the idea of writing the decline and fall of the city first started to my mind.
Strana 116 - It is impossible to conceive how much may be done by a proper education at home. A boy, for instance, who understands perfectly well Latin, French, arithmetic, and the principles of the civil law, and can write a fine hand, has an education that may qualify him for any undertaking; and these parts of learning should be carefully inculcated, let him be designed for whatever calling he will.
Strana 138 - Greater than monarchs by his functions, humbler than the lowest by his inclination, his officers were peace, and his exactors righteousness. Unlike the reluctant services wrung from their miserable serfs by the oppressors among whom Europe had been cantoned out, the homage which the Pope received from submissive millions was the willing, unforced obedience of grateful children ; and the power he exercised was to guide the ignorant in the way, and to protect him that had no helper against the mighty...
Strana 138 - Europe was disfigured by a thousand ridiculous and discordant customs, the offsping of violence and barbarity, there was above them all a law transcendent and sublime, guarded by sanctions which, all revered, enforced by an authority which all acknowledged, by which the conqueror and the conquered, the warrior and the peasant, the layman and the priest, nay, by which the judge and the criminal who trembled before the seat of justice, were knit together in one common bond of brotherhood and affection...
Strana 4 - When I remember all The friends so linked together, I've seen around me fall Like leaves in wintry weather; I feel like one Who treads alone Some banquet-hall deserted, Whose lights are fled, Whose garlands dead, And all but he departed...
Strana 154 - The burden of my days is hard to bear, But God knows best ; And I have prayed, but vain has been my prayer, For rest — sweet rest. 'Tis hard to plant in spring and never reap The Autumn yield ; 'Tis hard to till, and when 'tis tilled to weep O'er fruitless field.
Strana 138 - Europe was considered in their system as one vast moral territory, of which the Pope was the supreme magistrate, on whom the eyes of all were fixed, and to whom every one could appeal as the tutelary and incorruptible guardian of truth and justice. Beyond the reach of the clashing passions and numberless temptations by which the children of men are beset, the sole object of his authority was to secure for every Christian that future happiness which is the certain reward of virtue. For this grand...
Strana 34 - Subscribers who do not give express notice to the contrary are considered as wishing to renew their subscriptions. 2. If subscribers order the discontinuance of their periodicals, the publisher may continue to send them until all arrearages are paid.
Strana 34 - ... him off, and he appears no more. In the other case, how does the work of sedition go forward ? Night after night the muffled rebel steals forth in the dark, and casts another and another brand upon the pile, to which, when the hour of fatal maturity shall arrive, he will apply...

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