The broad stone of honour: or, The true sense and practice of chivalry. The 1st book, Godefridus

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Joseph Booker, 1829 - Počet stran: 661

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Strana 245 - O God !—Horatio, what a wounded name, Things standing thus unknown, shall live behind me! If thou didst ever hold me in thy heart, Absent thee from felicity awhile, And in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain, To tell my story. * The
Strana 15 - in a season of calm weather, Though inland far we be, Our souls have sight of that immortal sea Which brought us hither, Can in a moment travel thither, And see the children sport upon the shore,
Strana 267 - whatever withdraws us from the power of our senses; whatever makes the past, the distant, or the future, predominate over the present, advances us in the scale of rational beings.
Strana 248 - every thing includes itself in power, Power into will, will into appetite, And appetite, an universal wolf, So doubly seconded with will and power, Must make per force an universal prey, And, last, eat up himself*.
Strana 38 - Heaven-born, the soul a heaven-ward course must hold ; Beyond the visible world she soars to seek, ( For what delights the sense is false and weak) Ideal form, the universal mould. The wise man, I affirm, can find no rest In that which perishes : nor will he lend His heart to aught which doth on time depend.
Strana 238 - O worthiness of nature ! breed of greatness ! Cowards father cowards, and base things sire base. » For that sometimes parents did seem to revive in their offspring, not only in countenance and form of limb, but even in disposition of mind, was an opinion too firmly established by history and experience to be shaken by any
Strana 185 - on the right hand of God. Mind the things that are above, not the things that are upon the earth. For you are dead ; and your life is hid with Christ in God. When Christ shall appear, who is your life ; then you also shall appear with him in glory
Strana 32 - An appetite; a feeling and a love, That had no need of a remoter charm, By thought supplied, or any interest Unborrowed from the eye . And
Strana 182 - It is a poor centre of a man's actions, himself; it is right earth, for that only stands fast upon its own centre ; whereas all things that have affinity with the heavens, move upon the centre of another which they benefit.
Strana 174 - Spain's chivalry away, A single laugh demolish'd the right arm Of his own country. Seldom since that day Has Spain had heroes While romance could charm, The world gave ground before her bright array ; And therefore have his volumes done such harm, That all their glory, as a composition, Was dearly purchas'd by his land's perdition.

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