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be acted upon by the Executive or the Secretary of the Interior before expenditure is made under the same.

7. The usual modes of accounting with the Treasury can not be changed, and all expenditures, therefore, must be subject to the approvals now required by law and the regulations of the Treasury Department, and all vouchers must conform to the same laws and requirements and pass through the ordinary channels.

8. All the officers of the Government connected with the Indian service are enjoined to afford every facility and opportunity to said commission and their subcommittees in the performance of their duties, and to give the most respectful heed to their advice within the limits of st'ch officers' positive instructions from their superiors; to allow such commissioners full access to their records and accounts, and to cooperate with them in the most earnest manner to the extent of their proper powers in the general work of civilizing the Indians, protecting them in their legal rights, and stimulating them to become industrious citizens in permanent homes, instead of following a roving and savage life.

9. The commission will keep such records or minutes of their proceedings as may be necessary to afford evidence of their action, and will provide for the manner in which their communications with and advice to the Government shall be made and authenticated.


[From the Dally Morning Chronicle, Washington, September S, 1869.]

Department Of State,

Washington, September 7, /<P<5p.*

It is my melancholy duty to inform you that the Hon. John A. Rawlins, Secretary of War, departed this life at twelve minutes past 4 o'clock on yesterday afternoon. In consequence of this afflicting event the President directs that the Executive Departments of the Government will be careful to manifest every observance of honor which custom has established as appropriate to the memory of one so eminent as a public functionary and so distinguished as a citizen.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


[From the Daily Morning Chronicle, Washington, September S, 1869.]

Department Of State,

Washington, September 7, 1869.

Sir: * I have the honor to inform you that the President directs me to communicate to you his order that in honor of the memory of the Hon. John A, Rawlins. late Secretary of War, who died yesterday at twelve minutes past 4 o'clock p. m., the Executive Departments shall be draped

'Addressed to tl,e l,ea<1s of the Uxecutive Departments.

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