The History and Methods of the Paris Bourse, Svazek 15,Vydání 3

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1910 - Počet stran: 276
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Strana 121 - l'ame rendre, A votre avis, lequel des deux tenait Meilleur maintien? Pour vous le faire entendre, Maillard semblait homme que mort va prendre, Et Semblancay fut si ferme vieillard
Strana 215 - the Bourse kept its faith in France and her fortune, and that faith in France was spread by it all around, at home and abroad. Speculation was patriotic in its way; it
Strana 206 - An administration of justice which would permit a speculator to carry on two deals of equal importance with two different brokers, one for a rise and the other for a fall, and, while collecting from one the profit he had made, to advance the plea of gambling toward the other, in order to avoid paying the loss which the operation
Strana 258 - between unlimited freedom, which, with more or less reason, scares so many people, and monopoly, which is an old outfit, in no way suiting our customs, and disturbing the harmony of our laws without rendering the services expected from it.
Strana 270 - But the French Government does not seem inclined to study the question seriously: first, because the stockbrokers would have to be indemnified; and secondly, because the stockbrokers themselves are desirous of holding on to their present monopoly. As time passes, the securities, continually on the increase, tend to increase their profits. A financial power has been created whose existence, whose ever spreading influence,
Strana 216 - regard, all that justice demanded us to say previously of the higher banking institutions may with right be repeated concerning the Bourse. "To those who lived through that pale dawn of France's recovery,
Strana 161 - it has fulfilled. Thanks to it, these companies multiply and increase as the capitalization of their funds is made easier. " It has also had another result. It has shown that there is no longer a plutocracy, but a veritable financial democracy; when these thousands of millions of certificates are minutely segregated, there are only found atoms of certificates of stocks and bonds, and atoms of
Strana 215 - rapid flight; our credit, restored even more quickly than our armies, would not have equaled that of our victors, on the very morrow of our defeat. In that
Strana 206 - beg to suggest that an address be sent to the Minister of Commerce, confirming the letter of the Chamber of Commerce of November 25, 1877, and requesting the Government to introduce a bill in the Chambers, declaring that article 1965 of the Code civil does not apply to debts resulting from dealings for future delivery, and that articles 421 and 422 of the Code penal are repealed.
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