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May 2, 1594.

Peter Shorte.] A plesant conceyted hystorie called the Tayminge of a


May 9, 1594.

Mr. Harrison Sen.] A booke entitled the
Ravyshement of Lucrece.

May 14, 1594.

Tho. Creede.] A booke intitled the famous
Victories of Henrye the ffyft, con-
teyninge the honorable Battell of

May 14, 1594.

Edw. White.] A booke entituled the moste
famous Chronicle Historye of

Leire Kinge of England and his
three Daughters.2

May 22, 1594.

Edw. White.] A booke entituled a Wynters

Nightes Pastime.3

306 b.

306 b.

306 b.


307 b.

9 I conceive it to be the play that furnished Shakspeare with the materials which he afterwards worked up into another with the same title. STEEVENS.

This might have been the very displeasing play mentioned in the epilogue to the second part of King Henry IV.

STEEVENS. The earliest edition of this play now known to be extant, was printed in 1598. Of that edition I have a copy. This piece furnished Shakspeare with the outline of the two parts of King Henry IV. as well as with that of King Henry V. MALONE.

< * I suppose this to be the play on the same subject as that of our author, but written before it.

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June 19, 1594.

Tho. Creede.] An enterlude intitled the Tragedie of Richard the Third, wherein is showen the Death of Edward the Fourthe, with the Smotheringe of the twoo Princes in the Tower, with a lamentable End of Shore's Wife, and the Conjunction of the twoo Houses of Lancaster and York.4

July 20, 1594.

Tho. Creede.] The lamentable Tragedie of Locrine, the eldest Sonne of K. Brutus, discoursinge the Warres of the Britans, &c.

Before the beginning of this volume are placed two leaves containing irregular entries, prohibitions, notes, &c. Among these are the following:

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309 b.

310 b.

Vol. C.

to be staied.

* This could not have been the work of Shakspeare, as the death of Jane Shore makes no part of his drama. STEEVENS.

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Probably the play before that of Shakspeare. STEEVens. Surely this must have been Shakspeare's Henry V. which, as well as Much Ado about Nothing, was printed in 1600, when this entry appears to have been made. See the Essay on the chronological order of Shakspeare's plays; article, As you like it.


The dates scattered over these pages are. from 1596 to 1615.

Dec. 1, 1595.

Cuthbert Burby.] A book entituled Edward the Third and the black prince, their warres with Kinge John of Fraunce.


Aug. 5, 1596.

Edw. White.] A newe ballad of Romeo and


Aug. 15, 1597.


12 b.

Rich. Jones.] Two ballads, beinge the ffirste and second parts of the Widowe of Watling-streete.R

Aug. 29, 1597.

Andrew Wise.] The tragedye of Richard

the Seconde.

Oct. 20, 1597.

Andrew Wise.] The tragedie of Kinge Richard the Third, with the Death

of the Duke of Clarence.

22 b:



• This is ascribed to Shakspeare by the compilers of ancient catalogues. STEEVENS.

7 Query, if Shakspeare's play, the first edition of which appeared in 1597. STEEVENS.

* Perhaps the songs on which the play with the same title was founded. It may, however, be the play itself. It was not uncommon to divide one dramatick piece, though designed for a single exhibition, into two parts. See the King John before that of Shakspeare. STEEVENS.

Feb. 25, 1598.

Andrew Wisse.] A booke entitled the Historye of Henry the Fourth, with his Battaile at Shrewsburye against Henry Hottspurre of the Northe with the conceipted Mirth of Sir John Falstalffe.

July 22, 1598.

James Robertes.] Abooke of the Marchaunt of Venyce, or otherwise called the Jewe of Venyse. Provided that yt bee not prynted by the said James Roberts or anye other whatsoever, without lycence first had of the right honourable the Lord Chamberlen.

[blocks in formation]

Aug. 4, 1600.

like it, a book. Henry the ffift, a
book. Every man in his humour,
a book. The Comedie of Much
Adoo about Nothinge, a book.

Aug. 11, 1600.

Tho. Pavier.] First Part of the History of the Life of Sir John Oldcastle

Lord Cobham.

Item, The Second and last
Parte of the History of Sir John
Oldcastell Lord Cobham, with his

Aug. 14, 1600.

Tho. Pavyer.] The Historye of Henrye the


39 b.


Vth, with the battel of Agen-
court, &c.

Aug. 23, 1600.

And. Wise, and Wm. Aspley.] Muche Adoe
about Nothinge.

Second Part of the History of
King Henry the Fourth, with the
Humors of Sir John Fallstaff,
written by Mr. SHAKESPERE.

Oct. 8, 1600.

Tho. Fysher.] A booke called a Mydsomer

Nyghte Dreame.

Oct. 28, 1600.

Tho. Haies.] The Book of the Merchant

of Venyce.

Jan. 18, 1601.

John Busby.] An excellent and pleasant
conceited commedie of Sir John
Faulstof and the Merry Wyves of

Arth Johnson.] The preceding entered as


63 b.


65 b.



assigned to him from John Busby. ibid. April 19, 1602.

Tho. Pavier.] By Assignment from Tho. Millington, Salvo jure cujus cumq. The 1st and 2d pts of Henry the VI. ii books.

Tho. Pavyer.] Titus and Andronicus.

July 26, 1602.

James Roberts.] A booke The Revenge of
Hamlett prince of Denmarke, as

80 b.

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