A Treatise on Pedagogy for Young Teachers

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Van Antwerp, Bragg, 1884 - Počet stran: 219

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Strana 183 - Words of one syllable or words accented on the last syllable, ending in a single consonant preceded by a single vowel, double the final consonant when adding a suffix beginning with a vowel.
Strana 51 - And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel And shining morning face, creeping like a snail Unwillingly to school.
Strana 209 - Hewett's book contains nothing so good as this, but it does contain a short passage on an entirely different subject which deserves quotation ; for it presents a question now in the fore-front of all educational discussion. It is as follows : " Teaching can never become a profession in the same strict sense as law or medicine, so long as the majority of our schools are in session but for a few months in the year, and pay such small wages to the teacher ; nor so long as the oversight of the work is...
Strana 208 - The movement of American society is not, however, in that direction, and it is quite likely that the church must see formal religious instruction, even to the ceremony of reading the Bible, leave the common schools altogether. But a formal reading of the Bible "without note or comment...
Strana 26 - We may illustrate it, — that is, we may show it to be true in any given case; but we can not prove that it will always be true in every case. The contradictory, viz., that the whole is not equal to the sum of all its parts, is seen to be absurd at once by any one capable of understanding the statement.
Strana 26 - The plaintiff does not use the Word 'narcissus,' but the words 'narcisse noir,' namely 'bla,ck narcissus.' In mathematics it may be true that a whole is equal to the sum of all its parts, and, conversely, that each part is equal to its proportion of the whole. No such principle, however, can be applied to the use of a combination of words or phrases in the field of the law of unfair competition.
Strana 127 - Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Strana 67 - Conscience. — Conscience makes us feel that we ought to do what we think is right, and to let alone what we think is wrong.
Strana 146 - Love is not an end in itself, it is the means to an end, and only one means at that, albeit perhaps the most important.
Strana 143 - The imposing of other physical punishment, eg that of depriving the pupil of food, partakes of cruelty. The view which sees in the rod the panacea for all the teacher's embarrassments is censurable, but equally undesirable is the false sentimentality which assumes that the dignity of humanity is affected by a blow given to a child...

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