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Co. v.

McLemore, Gilliam v. (Miss.) 79 McNish v. Burch

(S. D.) 186 Markman v. Bell (Fred P..) Stores Co. .

(Pa.) 862 v. Fred P. Bell Stores Co.

(Pa.) 862 Marysville, Cities Service Oil

(Kan.) 854 Merchants' & Mfrs.' State

Bank, Engen v. (Minn.) 610 Mile Wide Copper Co. v. Piper

(Ariz.) 1359 Miller, Bracy v.

(Ark.) 114 v. Miller


567 Milwaukee Electric R. & Light Co., Liebhauser

(Wis.) 870 Minister of Finance, Smith v.

(Can.) 794 Mitchell Mfg. Co., Portsmouth

(Ohio) 961 Moore v. Stevens

(Fla.) 1127 Morgan, Thomas v.

(Okla.) 934 Moragne, Carr v.

(S. C.) 1212 Morrison, Hattiesburg Auto

Sales Co. v. (Miss.) 147 Mullings, Dickson v.

(Utah) 136 Mutual Tank Line Co. v. Gunderson

(S. D.) 397



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Lagerquist v. Bankers' Bond

& Mortg. Guaranty

(Iowa) 585 Langen v. Borkowski

(Wis.) 622 Lawley v. Richardson (Okla.) 803 L. D. Pearson & Son v. Bonnie (Ky.) 1166 Leahy, Spring v.

(Mass.) 1203 Lehigh & W.-B. Coal Co. v.

Globe & R. F. Ins.

(C. C. A.) 215 Leicht-Benson Realty & Constr.

Corp. v. J. D. Stone
& Co.

(Va.) 1100 v. Stone (J. D.) & Co. (Va.) 1100 Levy (Nat) & Co., Heineman (Oscar) Corp.

(C. C. A.) 727 Liebhauser v. Milwaukee Electric R. & Light Co.

(Wis.) 870 Longhotham v. Takeoka

... (Or.) 1285 Louisville Trust Co., Silcott v.

(Ky.) 28 Lynchburg, Lynchburg Trac

tion & Light Co. v. (Va.) 752 Lynchburg Traction & Light

Co. v. Lynchburg (Va.) 752

Nat Levy & Co., Oscar Heine-
man Corp. v. (C. C. A.)

727 Nebraska Bldg. & Invest. Co., Furrer v.

(Neb.) 225 Nenzel v. Second Judicial Dist. Ct.

(Nev.) 1331 Newark F. Ins. Co. v. Turk

(C. C. A.) 496 Newcomer v. Sibon

(Kan.) 1387 Noble v. Noble

(Cal.) 1235 Norfolk & W. R. Co., Angiline V.

(W. Va.) 31 Norris, Steber v.

(Wis.) 501 North, Drive It Yourself Co. V.

(Md.) 206 Northern P. R. Co. v. Spokane

Valley Growers'

(Wash.) 194


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Osborne, Tighe v.

(Md.) Oscar Heineman Corp. v. Nat

Levy & Co. .. (C. C. A.) Ota, Watanabe v.


727 1365

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McCullough v. Sullivan (N. J.) 928 MacDonald v.

Hamilton B. Wills & Co. -... (N. Y 956 v. Wills (Hamilton B.) & Co. ...

(N. Y.) 956 McKnight v. Brozich (Minn.) 1352

Paccos v. Rosenthal .... (Wash.) 112 Pearson (L. D.) & Son v. Bonnie

(Ky.) 1166

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Co. v.


Quaker Maid, Danville v! ... (Ky.) 590



Smith, Hoskins v.

(Wash.) 175 v. Jones

(Conn.) 952 v. Minister of Finance (Can.) 794 Smyth, Boyd v.

(Iowa) 1381 Snodgrass, Stoddard v. (Or.) 1160 Southern Can Co. v. Sachs .. (Md.) 417 Speight v. Simonsen

(Or.) 1149 Spokane Valley Growers' Union, Northern P. R.

(Wash.) 194 Spring v. Leahy

(Mass.) 1203 Stafford, Barnesville v. (Ga.) 1045 Stafford-Smith Co., Yellow Cab Co. v.

(III.) 1173 State v. Brownfield

(La.) 475 ex rel. Hegewald, Charles

Hegewald Co. v. . (Ind.) 775 v. Devot

(Utah) 532 ex rel. Mutual Tank Line Co. v. Gunder

(S. D.) 397 ex rel. Hegewald, Hegewald (Charles) Co.

(Ind.) 775 rel. West Virginia Sand & Gravel Co. v. Royal Indemnity Co.

(W. Va.) 552 ex rel. Nenzel v. Second

Judicial Dist. Ct. (Nev.) 1331 v. Tinnin

(Utah) v. Wilson

(Wash.) 1263 Steber v. Norris

(Wis.) 501 Stephens v. Blackwood Lumber Co.

(N. C.) 426 Stevens, Moore v.

(Fla.) 1127 Stevens (Britton) Motors Co., Wall v.

(Mass.) 647 Stewart Dry Goods Co., Fidelity & C. Co. v. ....

(Ky.) 318 Stoddard v. Snodgrass (Or.) 1160 Stone (J. D.) & Co., Leicht

Benson Realty
Constr. Corp. V. ..

(Va.) 1100 Sullivan, McCullough v. (N. J.) 928 Superior Ct., Hamblin v. .. (Cal.) 1509


Rawson Jones-Winifrede

Coal Co. (W. Va.) 330 Re Clark

(Okla.) 595 Dahl

(Minn.) 52 Smith

(Wash.) 102 Reeve v. Shoemaker

(Iowa) 839 Reynolds v. Roberts

(Kan.) 93 Rhode Island Hospital Trust Co. V. Doughton

(U. S.) 1374 Richard v. American Union Bank

(N. Y.) 512 Richardson, Lawley v. (Okla.) 803 Roberts, Reynolds v.

(Kan.) 93 Rosenthal, Paccos v. (Wash.) 142 Royal Indemnity Co., State ex

rel. West Virginia
Sand & Gravel Co.

(W. Va.) 552






Sachs, Southern Can Co. v. .. (Md.) 417 Salley



(S. C.) 971
Schlesinger v. Wisconsin .. (U. S.) 1224
Scott, Terre Haute, I. & E.
Traction Co. v. ..

(Ind.) 1029 Second Judicial Dist. Ct., State

rel. Nenzel v.

(Nev.) 1331 Settle v. Settle

(D. C.) 1079 Severin, Carpenter v. (Iowa) 1340 Shelton, Cole v.

(Ark.) 1008 Frazer v.

(111.) 1086 Shoemaker, Reeve v. (Iowa) 839 Sibon, Newcomer v.

(Kan.) 1387 Silcott v. Louisville Trust Co.

(Ky.) 28 Simonsen, Speight v.

(Or.) 1149 Simpson v. Brunelle (N. H.) 1281 Smith, Re

(Wash.) 102 v. Harrington (Idaho) 1240 Hoffmeyer v.

(Okla.) 97

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Williams v. Pomeroy (Mass.) 1280 Wills (Hamilton B.) & Co.,

MacDonald v. (N. Y.) 956 Wilson, State v.

(Wash.) 1263 v. Woodruff

(Utah) 1269 Wisconsin, Schlesinger v. .. (U. S.) 1224 Woodruff, Wilson v.

(Utah) 1269 Wulfsohn v. Burden

(N. Y.) 651

Co. v.


W. A. Chambers Co. V.

(Tenn.) 742 Wall v. Britton Stevens Motors Co.

(Mass.) 647 v. Stevens (Britton) Motors Co.

(Mass.) 647 Watanabe v. Ota

*(Wash.) 1365 Waugh, Dils (H. P.) & Sons

(W. Va.) 89 H. P. Dils & Sons Co.

(W. Va.) 89 Wells Fargo Nevada Nat.

Bank V. Bar-

(C. C. A.) 916 West Virginia Sand & Gravel

Royal Indemnity Co... (W. Va.) 552 White v. Burnhart

(Idaho) 23 White Eagle Oil & Ref. Co. v.

Gunderson (S. D.) 397

Yellow Cab Co. v. Stafford-
Smith Co.

(I11.) 1173 Youngstown V. Kahn Bros. Bldg. Co.

(Ohio) 662

Co. v.

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VOL. 43

ANTONIO T. CAROZZA et al., Appts.,


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Constitutional law, $ 311 — depriving corporation of defense of usury

validity. 1. A corporation is not unconstitutionally deprived of the equal protection of the laws by a statute depriving it of the defense of usury which is accorded to individual borrowers.

[See annotation on this question beginning on page 18.] Estoppel, $ 68 – corporations porate stock is in one person is com

stockholder guarantor right to monly limited to those instances in claim individual rights.

which it becomes necessary to disre2. A stockholder who becomes gard a former corporate existence to guarantor for the obligation of the prevent fraud or imposition, or to encorporation will not ordinarily be force paramount, and

and superior heard to deny this status, and claim equity. that a contract made in the name of [See 7 R. C. L. 197; 2 R. C. L. Supp. the corporation, and within its compe 309. See also annotations in 1 A.L.R. tency, and as its corporate act, was 610; 34 A.L.R. 597.] not a corporate, but his own individ- Usury, $ 3 – question of intention. ual, act, because the corporation had 4. Usury is a question of intention, ceased to exist, for the reason that he and the real substance of the transacwas, at the time of the apparent cor tion will determine its nature, and not porate act, the sole owner of the cor the color or form which it has asporate stock.

sumed. Corporations, $ 16 — when corporate

[See 27 R. C. L. 211, 221; 3 R. C. L. form disregarded.

Supp. 1509; 4 R. C. L. Supp. 1745.] 3. The rule that the form of a cor Usury, 8 10 — sale of bonds secured porate entity may be disregarded by mortgage. where the ownership of all of its cor 5. A loan of $220,000 bearing 6 per

43 A.L.R.-1.

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