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Strana 113 - Heaven is not reached at a single bound ; But we build the ladder by which we rise From the lowly earth to the vaulted skies, And we mount to its summit round by round.
Strana 72 - Away in a manger, no crib for a bed, The little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head; The stars in the sky looked down where he lay, The Little Lord Jesus, asleep on the hay.
Strana 30 - sa tang to the spirit As salt as a tear; — And seeing you fly, and the boys marching by, There's a shout in the throat and a blur in the eye, And an aching to live for you always— -or die, If, dying, we still keep you waving on high. And so, by our love For you, floating above, And the scars of all wars and the sorrow thereof, Who gave you the name of Old Glory, and why Are we thrilled at the name of Old Glory?
Strana 364 - The twig is so easily bended, I have banished the rule and the rod I have taught them the goodness of knowledge, They have taught me the goodness of God...
Strana 113 - I will trust in Him, THAT HE CAN HOLD HIS OWN ; and I will take His will, above the work He sendeth me, To be my chiefest good.
Strana 386 - The Nervous System of the Child ITS GROWTH AND HEALTH IN EDUCATION.
Strana 363 - When it wakes to the pulse of the past, Ere the world and its wickedness made me A partner of sorrow and sin, — When the glory of God was about me, And the glory of gladness within.
Strana 440 - ... for not less than four lessons a week for ten or more weeks of each year, and must pass the same tests in this as in other studies.
Strana 364 - My frown is sufficient correction ; My love is the law of the school. I shall leave the old house in the autumn, To traverse its threshold no more ; Ah ! how I shall sigh for the dear ones That meet me each morn at the door ! I shall miss the
Strana 379 - Blondin, stand up a little straighter — Blondin, stoop a little more — go a little faster — lean a little more to the north — lean a little more to the south?

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