Let My People Go

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iUniverse, 18. 10. 2005
"As today's events unfold in the world we live in, we should learn and remember, and we shall overcome all of our enemies if not, forgive them. The people of Israel have made a commitment that no country shall ever succeed in enslaving them again. The lore of revolt and the spirit of freedom will sustain the people of Israel and their children, as they become their own enemies as well.

This is the story of one country and its people, their life as a struggle; their death heroism; their sacrifice sacred; their memory eternal. Because Jewish history through the ages has a rich record of martyrs who willingly laid down their lives for the principles of right and justice. Many were those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of the Jewish faith and of the Jewish homeland, including those in the second century BCE.""Let My People Go" is based on actual correspondence, some of which was presented by Prime Minister Menachem Begin about Dov Gruner. Dov is author Jerry Grunor's cousin, who fought with Mr. Begin in the early 1940s for the independence of Israel.

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