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I 'll know your business, Harry, that I will.
I fear, my brother Mortimer doth stir
About his title, and hath sent for you
To line 1 his enterprise; but if you go

Hot. So far afoot, I shall be weary, love.

Lady P. Come, come, you paraquito,answer me
Directly to this question that I ask.
In faith, I 'll break thy little finger, Harry,
An if thou wilt not tell me all things true.

Hot. Away,
Away, you trifler !—Love?- I love thee not;
I care not for thee, Kate : this is no world,
To play with mammets, 3 and to tilt with lips.
We must have bloody noses,

and crack'd crowns, And pass them current too.—Gods me, my

horse !What say'st thou, Kate? what wouldst thou have

with me? Lady P. Do you not love me? do you not, in

deed ?
Well, do not then; for, since you love me not,
I will not love myself. Do you not love me?
Nay, tell me, if you speak in jest, or no.

Hot. Come, wilt thou see me ride?
And when I am o'horseback, I will swear
I love thee infinitely.. But hark you,

Kate; I must not have you henceforth question me Whither I go, nor reason whereabout. Whither I must, I must; and, to conclude,

| Strengthen.

2 Little parrot.

3 Puppets.

This evening must I leave you, gentle Kate.
I know you wise; but yet no farther wise
Than Harry Percy's wife; constant you are,
But yet a woman; and for secresy,
No lady closer ; for I well believe,
Thou wilt not utter what thou dost not know;
And so far will I trust thee, gentle Kate!

Lady P. How! so far?
Hot. Not an inch farther. But hark


Kate : Whither I go, thither shall you go too ; To-day will I set forth, to-morrow you.Will this content you, Kate ? Lady P.

It must, of force.



Eastcheap. A room in the Boar's Head tavern.

Enter PRINCE HENRY and POINS. P. Hen. Ned, pr’ythee, come out of that fat room, and lend me thy hand to laugh a little.

Poins. Where hast been, Hal ?

P. Hen. With three or four loggerheads, amongst three or four score hogsheads. I have sounded the very base string of humility. Sirrah, I am sworn brother to a leash of drawers; and can call them all by their Christian names, asmTom, Dick, and Francis. They take it already upon their salvation, that, though I be but prince of Wales, yet I am the king of courtesy; and tell me flatly I am no proud jack, like Falstaff; but a Corinthian, a lad of mettle, a good boy,-by the Lord, so they call me; and when I am king of England, I shall command all the good lads in Eastcheap. They call—drinking deep, dying scarlet; and when


breathe in your watering, they cry–hem! and bid you play it off. To conclude, I am so good a proficient in one quarter of an hour, that I can drink with any tinker in his own language during my life. I tell thee, Ned, thou hast lost much honor, that thou wert not with me in this action. But, sweet Ned,—to sweeten which name of Ned, I give thee this pennyworth of sugar, clapped even now in my hand by an underskinker ; 1 one that never spake other English in his life, than— Eight shillings and sixpence,' and You are welcome;' with this shrill addition,- Anon, anon, sir!'— Score a pint of bastard 2 in the Halfmoon,' or so. But, Ned, to drive away the time till Falstaff come, I pr’ythee, do thou stand in some by-room, while I question my puny drawer, to what end he gave me the sugar; and do thou never leave calling-Francis, that his tale to me may be nothing but-Anon. Step aside, and I'll show thee a precedent.

Poins. Francis !
P. Hen. Thou art perfect.
Poins. Francis !

[Erit Poins.


1 Tapster.

? A kind of sweet wine.


Fran. Anon, anon, sir.—Look down into the
Pomegranate, Ralph.

P. Hen. Come hither, Francis.
Fran. My lord.
P. Hen. How long hast thou to serve, Francis ?
Fran. Forsooth, five year, and as much as to-
Poins. [within.] Francis.
Fran. Anon, anon, sir.

P. Hen. Five years! by 'r lady, a long lease for the clinking of pewter. But, Francis, darest thou be so valiant, as to play the coward with thy indenture, and to show it a fair pair of heels, from it?

Fran. O lord, sir! I'll be sworn upon all the books in England, I could find in my heart

Poins. [within.] Francis !
Fran. Anon, anon,

P. Hen. How old art thou, Francis ?

Fran. Let me see,—About Michaelmas next I shall be

Poins. [within.] Francis !

Fran. Anon, sir.–Pray you, stay a little, my lord.

P. Hen. Nay, but hark you, Francis. For the sugar thou gavest me,—'twas a pennyworth, was 't not?

Fran. O lord, sir! I would, it had been two.

P. Hen. I will give thee for it a thousand pound; ask me when thou wilt, and thou shalt have it.

Poins. [within.] Francis !
Fran. Anon, anon.

P. Hen. Anon, Francis ? No, Francis; but tomorrow, Francis; or, Francis, on Thursday; or, indeed, Francis, when thou wilt. But, Francis,

Fran. My lord ?

P. Hen. Wilt thou rob this leathern-jerkin, crystal-button, nott-pated, agate-ring, puke-stocking, caddis-garter, smooth-tongue, Spanish-pouch,

Fran. O lord, sir, who do you mean?

P. Hen. Why then, your brown bastard is your only drink : for, look you, Francis, your white canvas doublet will sully: in Barbary, sir, it cannot come to so much.

Fran. What, sir?
Poins. [within.) Francis!
P. Hen. Away, you rogue.

Dost thou not hear them call :

[here they both call him; the Drawer stands

amazed, not knowing which way to go.


Vint. What! standest thou still, and hearest such a calling? Look to the guests within. [Exit Fran. My lord, old sir John, with half a dozen more, are at the door. Shall I let them in ?

P. Hen. Let them alone awhile, and then open the door. [Exit Vintner.] Poins !




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