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Strana 307 - to any prejudice or disadvantage. No public utility shall establish or maintain any unreasonable difference as to rates, charges, service, facilities or in any other respect, either as between localities or as between classes of service. The commission shall have the power to determine any question of fact arising under this section.
Strana 1076 - Any county, city, town or township may make and enforce within its limits all such local, police, sanitary and other regulations as are not in conflict with general laws.
Strana 36 - Whenever the railroad commission, after a hearing had upon its own motion or upon complaint, shall find that any water company which is a public utility operating within this state has reached the limit of its capacity to supply water and that no further
Strana 446 - shall henceforth sell, lease, assign, mortgage or otherwise dispose of or encumber the whole or any part of its railroad, street railroad, line, plant or system, necessary or useful in the performance of its duties to the public ' * ' without having first secured from the Commission an order authorizing it so to do.
Strana 465 - Any county, city and county, incorporated city or town or municipal water district may at any time file with the commission a petition setting forth the intention of said county, city and county, incorporated city or town or municipal water district to acquire under eminent domain proceedings, or otherwise, any existing public utility, and the
Strana 77 - of the Public Utilities Act provides that every public utility shall annually furnish to the Commission, at such time and in such form as the Commission may require, a report in which the utility shall specifically answer all questions propounded by the Commission upon or concerning which the Commission may desire information
Strana 184 - (x). The term 'water corporation' when used in this act. includes every corporation or person, their lessees, trustees, receivers or trustees appointed by any court whatsoever, owning, controlling operating or managing any water system for compensation within this state.
Strana 183 - public utility' when used in this act, includes every common carrier, pipe line corporation, gas corporation, electrical corporation, telephone corporation, telegraph corporation, water corporation, wharfinger and warehouseman, where the service is performed for or the commodity delivered to the public or any portion thereof. The term 'public or any portion thereof as
Strana 620 - As a demand note is payable at any time when demand is made, which time may be more than twelve months after its execution, such note will be considered as being a note payable at a period of more than twelve months after the date of issuance of the same.
Strana 810 - said parties of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar, lawful money of the United States of America, to each of them in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged,

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