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. The Institute for Government Research is an association of citizens. for coöperating with public officials in the scientific study of government with a view to promoting efficiency and economy, in its operations and advancing the science of administration. It aims to bring into existence such information and materials as will aid in the formation of public opinion and will assist officials, particularly those of the national government, in their efforts to put the public administration upon a more efficient basis. To this end, it seeks by the thoroughgoing study and examination of the best administrative practice, public and private, American and foreign, to formulate those principles which lie at the basis of all sound administration, and to determine their proper adaptation to the specific needs of our public administration. The accomplishment of specific reforms the Institute recognizes to be the task of those who are charged with the responsibility of legislation and administration; but it seeks to assist, by scientific study and research, in laying a solid foundation of information and experience upon which such reforms may be successfully built. While some of the Institute's studies find application only in the form of practical coöperation with the administrative of— ficers directly concerned, many are of interest to other administrators and of general educational value. The results of such studies the Institute purposes to publish in such form as will insure for them the widest possible utilization.

Officers Robert S. Brookings, Frank J. Goodnow, . . Chairman Vice-Chairman James F. Curtis, Frederick Strauss, Secretary Treasurer Trustees Edwin A. Alderman Edwin F. Gay Charles D. Norton Robert S. Brookings Frank J. Goodnow Martin A. Ryerson James F. Curtis Jerome D. Greene Frederick Strauss

R. Fulton Cutting Arthur T. Hadley Silas H. Strawn
Frederic A. Delano Herbert C. Hoover William H. Taft
Henry S. Dennison David F. Houston Ray Lyman Wilbur
George Eastman A. Lawrence Lowell Robert S. Woodward
Raymond B. Fosdick Samuel Mather
Felix Frankfurter Richard B. Mellon


W. F. Willoughby
F. W. Powell

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The System of Financial Administration of Great Britain
By W. F. Willoughby, W. W. Willoughby, and S. M. Lindsay
The Budget
By René Stourm
T. Plazinski, Translator; W. F. McCaleb, Editor
The Canadian Budgetary System
By H. G. Villard and W. W. Willoughby
The Problem of a National Budget
By W. F. Willoughby
The Movement for Budgetary Reform in the States
By W. F. Willoughby
Teacher's Pension Systems in the United States
By Paul Studensky
Organized Efforts for the Improvement of Methods of Ad-
ministration in the United States
By Gustavus A. Weber
The Federal Service: A Study of the System of Personal
Administration of the United States Government
By Lewis Mayers
The System of Financial Administration of the United
States (In Preparation)


Principles Governing the Retirement of Public Employees
By Lewis Meriam

Principles of Government Purchasing
By Arthur G. Thomas

Principles of Government Accounting and Reporting
By Francis Oakey, C. P. A.

Principles of Personnel Administration
By Arthur W. Procter


The Geological Survey
The Reclamation Service
The Bureau of Mines
The Alaskan Engineering Commission
The Tariff Commission
The Federal Board for Vocational Education
The Federal Trade Commission
The Steamboat-Inspection Service
The National Park Service
The Public Health Service
The Weather Bureau
The Employee's Compensation Commission

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