First Year in Number

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Houghton Mifflin, 1912 - Počet stran: 129

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Strana 9 - One, two, Buckle my shoe; Three, four, Shut the door; Five, six, Pick up sticks; Seven, eight, Lay them straight; Nine, ten, A good fat hen; Eleven, twelve, Who will delve?
Strana 60 - LISTEN to the Kitchen Clock ! To itself it ever talks, From its place it never walks ; " Tick-tock — tick-tock." Tell me what it says. " I'ma very patient Clock, Never moved by hope or fear, Though I've stood for many a year ; Tick-tock — tick-tock.
Strana 88 - The day, the day, the day is springing. BABY cry — Oh fie !— At the physic in the cup : Gulp it twice And gulp it thrice, Baby gulp it up. EIGHT o'clock ; The postman's knock ! Five letters for Papa ; One for Lou, And none for you, And three for dear Mamma. BREAD and milk for breakfast, And woollen frocks to wear, And a crumb for robin redbreast On the cold days of the year.
Strana iii - School, Salem, Massachusetts The work is based upon the familiar experiences and activities of children, and follows as closely as possible the child's own method of acquiring new knowledge and skill. Thus we have lessons based on playing store, making tickets, mailing letters, fishing, etc. Every step is made interesting, but no time is wasted in mere entertainment. By the same authors THE EVERYDAY ARITHMETICS THREE-BOOK COURSE Book One, grades...
Strana 38 - Two little red birds singing in the sun, One flew away, and then there was — . One little red bird left all alone, He flew away, and then there was — . REVIEW 1.
Strana 107 - ... the clock strikes the hour, where is the long hand ? the short hand ? Because the short hand points to the hour, it is called the hour hand. 18. Draw a clock face showing 9 o'clock ; 7 o'clock ; any other hour. 19. When the long hand has reached III, over what part of the circle has it...
Strana 86 - One 2 is — . Two 2's are — . Three 2's are — . Four 2's are Five 2's are 1x2 = -. 5x2; 3x2.
Strana 25 - ... 1 inch and 1 inch and 1 inch are — inches. 2 inches and 1 inch are — inches.
Strana 94 - How many 3's are there in 12 ? How many 3's are there in 9 ? How many 3's are there in 15?
Strana 104 - These children are tagged by giving the answers to the problems written on them. 1. At 2 cents each, what is the cost : Of 3 apples ? Of 6 pencils ? Of о pears ? Of 7 cards ? Of 4 plums '( Of 8 stamps ? 2.

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