The Light in the Stones: ...From the Tales of Fibinacci

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iUniverse, 1. 7. 2003 - Počet stran: 300
The Light in the Stones is an adventure / sci-fi novel, which cauterizes the phases of the soul from its fragmented lives. Memory or the lack there of segregates the whole soul acquired wisdom from one body to the next, and along with their earthly secular missions of unleashing the kept secrets of the hierarchy, these heroic characters develop their pass life knowledge. The modern-day swash-buckler leaps from my own and my daughters reality quickly into a more entertaining intertwining of diverse situations of time same souls at different times and places. Historical souls are recant and sometime fictionalized to blend into a menagerie of spiritual and political parables. The morals being quite evident in a fiery brimstone paraphrasing to its utopian conclusion. Arch and Acer, the elder architect and his twenty-year younger landscape protigi; idealistically venture to the far reaches of their own present universe, to create a better world. They soon find the political climate is as murky on the opposite side of the planet as well, but being romantic the fall in love with Cambodia, and two specific SE Asian ladies, Noung and Thia. Ace is in hiding with his baby, Chi, from a roguish Viet-mom. War alters their reality, and the danger yeilds gemstones. Far away on the other side of the Globe Archie's film star daughter and mentor acqueiest to the mystical Baron and crew, Ho Ming and Zero. An ancestral housing of these same souls introduces the magic elephant, Phi, who or which allows this allegory to reach into the heavens and back to the earth's ecological concerns.

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