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American Folk-Lore Society.

MEMOIRS OF THE AMERICAN FOLK-LORE SOCIETY. Vol. I. HELI CHATELAIN, Folk-Tales of Angola. Fifty Tales with Ki-mbundu

text, literal English Translation, Introduction, and Notes. 1894.

xii + 315 p. (With two maps.) $3.50 net. II. ALCÉE FORTIER, Louisiana Folk-Tales. In French Dialect and English

Translation. 1895. xi + 122 p. $3.50 net. III. CHARLES L. EDWARDS, Bahama Songs and Stories. With Music,

Introduction, Appendix, and Notes. Six Illustrations. 1895. xiii

+1 p. $3.50. IV. FANNY D. BERGEN, Current Superstitions. Collected from the Oral

Tradition of English-Speaking Folk, With Notes, and an Introduction by WILLIAM WELLS NEWELL. 1896. vi + 161 p. $3.50

net. V. WASHINGTON MATTHEWS, Navaho Legends. With Introduction,

Notes, Illustrations, Texts, Interlinear Translations, and Melodies.

1897. viii + 299 p. Out of print. VI. JAMES TEIT, Traditions of the Thompson River Indians of British

Columbia. With Introduction by FRANZ Boas, and Notes. 1898.

x + 137 p. $3.50. VII. FANNY D. BERGEN, Animal and Plant Lore. Collected from the Oral

Tradition of English-Speaking Folk. With Introduction by J. Y.
BERGEN. 1899. 180 p. (Second Part to Vol. IV., with common

Index.) $3.50.
VIII. GEORGE A. DORSEY, Traditions of the Skidi Pawnee. With Intro.

duction, Notes, and Illustrations. 1904. xxvi + 366 p. $6. IX. M. R. COLE, Los Pastores. A Mexican Miracle Play. Translation,

Introduction, and Notes. With Illustrations and Music. 1907.

xxxiv + 234 p. $4. X. ELEANOR HAGUE, Spanish-American Folk Songs. 1917. II p. $3.50. XI. JAMES A. TEIT, MARIAN K. GOULD, LIVINGSTON FARRAND, HERBERT

J. SPINDEN, Folk-Tales of Salishan and Sahaptin Tribes. Edited

by FRANZ BOAs. 1917. x+201 p. $3.50. XII. Filipino Popular Tales. Collected and edited, with Comparative

Notes, by DEAN S. FANSLER. In press. XIII. ELSIE CLEWS PARSONS, The Folk-Tales of Andros Island, Bahamas.

1918. xx + 170 p. $3.50. XIV. MERCIE L. TAYLOR, Index to Volumes I-XXV (1888-1912) of the

Journal of American Folk-Lore. WILLIAM WELLS NEWELL ME-
MORIAL VOLUME. In preparation.

Adele B. Looscan, W. S. Hendrix ; Secretary, W. P. Webb, San Antonio, Tex.; Treasurer, Stith Thompson, 930 North Weber St., Colorado Springs, Col.; Councillors, Mrs. Lillie T. Shaver (Southwestern Normal School, San Marcos, Tex.), L. W. Payne, Jr. (2104 Pearl St., Austin, Tex.), Miss Dorothy Scarborough (Baylor University, Waco, Tex.).

VIRGINIA.— President, John M. Stone, Mount Fair, Va.; Vice-President, Miss Martha M. Davis, Harrisonburg, Va.; Secretary. Treasurer, Walter A, Montgomery, Richmond College, Richmond, Va.; Archivist, C. Alphonso Smith, U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.

WEST VIRGINIA.-President and General Editor, John Harrington Cox, West Virginia University,

organtown, W. Va.; Vice-President, Robert Allen Armstrong, West Virginia University, Morgantowa, W.Va.; Secretary-Treasurer, Walter Barnes, Fairmont Normal School, Fairmont, W.Va.

Mexico.-President, Manuel Gamio, Inspector-General of Monuments, Mexico City, Mex,

ONTARIO. - President, Dr. Alexander Fraser, Provincial Archivist, Toronto ; Vice-Presidents, Lawrence J. Burpee (International Joint Commission, Ottawa, Ont.), W. H. Clawson (University College, Toronto), W. J. Wintemberg (Victoria Memorial Museum, Ottawa, Ont.); Secretary, C.-M. Barbaau, Geological Survey, Ottawa, Ont.; Treasurer, F. W. Waugh, Victoria Memorial Museum, Ottawa, Ont.

Quebec. - President, E.-Z. Massicotte, Palais de Justice, Montreal; Vice-Presidents, Victor Morin (97 rue St.-Jacques, Montreal), Gustave Lanctôt (The Archives, Sussex St., Ottawa, Ont.), Mlle. Malvina Tremblay ( 467 Laurier Ave. W., Ottawa, Ont.); Secretary, C.-M. Barbeau, Geological Survey, Ottawa, Ont.; Treasurer, F. W. Waugh, Victoria Memorial Museum, Ottawa, Ont.

Entered as second-class matter, July 6, 1911, at the Post Office at Lancaster, Pa., under the Act of March 3, 1890.


NOTES AND QUERIES.-Note on the Ground-Hog Myth and its Origin. H. Newell Wardle. REVIEWS.-- Frances Densmore, Teton Sioux Music. Helen H, Roberts.




OCTOBER-DECEMBER. Zuñi Tales. Edward L. Handy, — Cuentos populares de Guatemala. Adrian Recinos. Supersticiones de la región de San Juan Teotihuacán est. de Mex. E. M. Gomez Maillifert.- Som Songs of the Puget Sound Salish. Helen H. Roberts and Herman K. Haeberlin.-- Some CountingOut Rhymes in Michigan. Emelyn E. Gardner. – Notes and Queries. – Reviews. -Officers and Members of the American Folk-Lore Society.

For back volumes apply to G. E. Stechert & Co., who can supply most of the volumes at $2.50 per volume.

Claims for non-delivery of current numbers of the Journal should be sent to G. E. Stechert & Co.

G. E. STECHERT & co., Agents { PARYS, 16 RUE DE CONDE.

New YORK, 151-155 WEST 25th St.




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