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The Compiler of this Miscellany, in making a first adventure in the commerce of literature, has attempted to guide himself after the example of young traders in other departments, who endeavour to attract customers by the variety of their stock, and the taste displayed in the selection, and to make up in this manner for its deficiency in


The object being to produce a book suited for the parlour window, or to form a companion on a journey, the Editor was desirous that it should contain so much variety as might present to every reader something suited to his particular taste. It contains extracts of striking passages from the most popular authors, – mingled with pieces less known, some of which are not, on that account, the less deserving of attention. The light and gay will be

found mingled with what is grave and instructive, so that readers of different natural dispositions, or the same person in a various mood of mind, may select what will best suit the humour of the moment. Many pieces will be found of a religious and moral character; and the Editor has carefully excluded such as inclined in the slightest degree to the opposite tendency.

It only remains that the Compiler offer his respectful thanks to the friends who have assisted his first attempt to enter on the business of life, and to submit his Miscellany to the candour of the Public.

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