Report of the Board of Metropolitan Park Commissioners, Svazek 9

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Wright & Potter Printing Company, state printers., 1902

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Strana 67 - ... shall annually pay money into the treasury of the Commonwealth for the term of five years next following the year of the first issue of...
Strana 77 - ... plants and facilities would be required for such instruction; to estimate what the immediate and ultimate cost per family would be; to ascertain as nearly as may be how many families would take advantage of such instruction and what public benefits might be expected to accrue therefrom, and to report to the next general court not later than the second Monday in January. Large numbers of families are rearing children in the thickly settled parts of the cities, to the injury of the children and...
Strana 77 - To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court assembled.
Strana 15 - Mel rose, 59.57 acres in the city of Maiden, 669.08 acres in the city of Medford and 250.61 acres in the town of Winchester. The area of Water Board holdings is 1,145.03 acres, which, under an agreement with these boards, is used by the public in the same manner and to the same extent as the park lands. This makes the Fells a public reservation of 3,027.97 acres. There are many beautiful sheets of water in the Fells, of which the largest and best known is Spot Pond, now the northern distributing...
Strana 58 - Preliminary reports of commissioners on Boston harbor. Boston City Doc., 1860, No. 37. 1860— Dec. Second report of United States commissioners on the condition of Boston harbor. Boston City Doc., 1860, No.
Strana 101 - B. Revere Beach. C. Revere Beach Parkway. D. Fellsway. E. Fellsway East. F. Fellsway West. G. Middlesex Fells Reservation. H. Mystic Valley Parkway. J. Beaver Brook Reservation. K. Charles River Reservation. L. Hemlock Gorge Reservation. M. Stony Brook Reservation. N. Neponset River Parkway. O. Blue Hills Parkway. P. Blue Hills Reservation. Q. Nantasket Beach Reservation. R. Quincy Shore Reservation.
Strana 74 - First. Because it does not appear from the said return that the said board of county commissioners had jurisdiction of the subjectmatter in controversy in said proceedings mentioned.
Strana 10 - ... in Buzzards Bay, and a boathouse and float in Great Harbor at Woods Hole, in Falmouth. Granted April 4, 1902. 2610. Petition of the Board of Metropolitan Park Commissioners for approval of plans for the construction of a pile bridge and approaches across Mystic River between Somerville and Medford, as authorized and directed by chapter 491 of the Acts of 1901. Granted April 11, 1902. 2611. Petition of Albert J. "West for license to build and maintain a boat landing and excavate a channel, in...
Strana 15 - Commission directly controls 1,882.95 acres, of which 726.15 acres are in the town of Stoneham, 177.54 acres in the city of Melrose...
Strana 101 - Boston Park Commission. . Boston Department of Public Grounds. . Metropolitan Water Board. , Brookline Park Commission. , Brookline Park Commission. . Brookline Park Commission.

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