An Address Delivered Before the American Antiquarian Society, at Their Annual Meeting, Oct. 23, 1835: In the Unitarian Meeting-house, Worcester, in Relation to the Character and Services of Their Late Librarian, Christopher C. Baldwin, Esq

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Strana 7 - US to procure for me ancient as well as modern sets and to preserve all those they now subscribe for. In this way the collection must become exceedingly valuable. I suffer no traveller to visit me without enlisting him in my cause, and giving him directions how to find them and how to send them to me. Though I may fail of getting as many as I wish, I am sure that I shall entitle myself to the gratitude of future...
Strana 6 - ... with six hundred volumes of papers, which comprise about half of our collection of that kind of reading. It is one of the chief sources of my trouble (being happy enough in all other respects) that only a part of the members of the Council of the Society are willing to increase the numbers of our newspapers. Since I have been here, I have been unwearied in my pains to get good files of papers from all parts of the country. I have made arrangements with some forty or fifty individuals from different...
Strana 7 - October 20, 1833. During the year past, about nine hundred volumes have been added to the library. In this estimate, the bound pamphlets are included, but not enumerated singly. A great portion relate to our American History, and among them are many which are rare and curious.
Strana 7 - ... then comes a collector of geography: another wants religious newspapers: another wants books printed in New York before 1700. I accommodate myself to all; for I want every thing, and collect every thing, and I have more zeal than the whole of them : and in this way I am kept very. busy. Many things I obtain are of small value, but the course adopted will be most useful to the society.
Strana 8 - I took so much courage upon this news, that I sat down, and wrote to Lord Viscount Kingsborough, an Irish nobleman, requesting him to give our Library a copy of the great work prepared by Augustine Aglio, and published at his Lordship's expense, on the Antiquities of Mexico...
Strana 3 - Too unrestrained in the expression of opinion to be trusted beyond the guardianship of friendship, it displays the " daily beauty of his life." His own simple words explain the reason why he would not if he could, have been eminent as a lawyer.
Strana 8 - Society, informing me, that institution, in compliance with my request, had directed to be forwarded to our Library, seventeen Bibles and twenty four new testaments, in English, and various other European and Indian languages.

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