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“ STAR PRESS 20, C1093-Street, Hatton-Garden,






If a life of deep experience has enabled me in THE PILGRIMS OF THE THAMES, IN SEARCH OF THE NATIONAL, to depict scenes, which, at the time they amuse, may instruct the Public; I may perhaps be pardoned, for most humbly and respectfully, thus inscribing my efforts to your Majesty; who has ever the welfare of your people at heart.

That LITERATURE, THE FINE ARTS, SCIENCES, &c, may bloom healthily, and brightly, under your Majesty's protection, —who, while you foster the more elevated Rose, will not neglect the humble Violet ;-that your Majesty may long, very long, reign over a brave and free people, the Mistress of their HEARTS, as you are of a Kingdom, which is MISTRESS OF THE WORLD; and that in promoting the Peoples' you may secure your own happiness, is the sincere wish of,

Very humble, and
Most devoted Servant,


London, January 1st. 1838.



Thoughts on the originality of the subject—and truth and facts the leading

features of the argument.


An outline-or, rather a pen and ink sketch of PETER MAKEMONEY-

thorough-bred cockney-his obscure origin in early life-- great rise - im-

mense luck-and experience in society. A retired wealthy citizen, who had

filled the offices of Sheriff, Alderman, and Lord Mayor. His observations on

men and manners—Opinions worth knowing.


The advantages attached to property; or win gold and wear it! MAKEMONEY'S

spontaneous notions of a Pilgrimage on the BANKS OF TRE THAMES

"Home, sweet Home," against any other air in the history of music ; con-

trasted with France, Italy, Switzerland, the Rhine, &c., &c. The Pilgrims


11 Young Neverfret!"') in search of the NATIONAL. Peter's liberal

advice to his Nephew, full of pith, and nothing else but orthodox. An outline

of “Young Neverfret,” scarcely out of his leading strings ; and a sketch of

FLOURISH; quite a character! MAKEMONEY's admonition to his brother

Pilgrims, previous to their starting a stitch in time saves nine'-FLOURISH'S

opinion against duelling—a safe card-prevention better than cure-A few

words in praise of Greenwich Hospital, truly NATIONAL !


The pleasures of anticipation-the Pilgrims preparing to start-Who's for Green-

wich? Holiday Folks! Smiling faces-children six feet high-pleasure the

order of the day! The Tower recognized as an old land-mark, and the Cus-

tom House praised for its magnificence. Lots of Characters on board of the

Steamer! Off she goes—The eloquent dealer in Literature(quid pro quo

the luxury of a newspaper. Introduction of TIM BRONZE, without being

introduced ; a living Vampire and Victim-hunter. Description of the neces

sary Cuts in Society-Secrets worth knowing to a Young Man on his

entrance into life! The soi-disant Duchess and her two daughters-Generals

in petticoats enlisting recruits ! PICTURESQUE DOLEFUL, a tally under-

taker, one of the woeful disciples of LAVATER; but a useful personage to

ensure a decent finish to the last exit! SCAPEGRACE, a dark and terrific

portrait of human nature ; or a man may smile and be a villain. OLD FATHER

TAAMES in all his glory—MAKEMONEY in ecstacy-a bit of the NATIONAL !
A sound reply to an Alarmist of the Olden Times !

An original comic song, embellished with patois, but quite in character; and a

word or two respecting the chances and profession of an Actor. Recollections

of the late Muster RICHARDSON, entitled to record, according to the intrinsic

value set upon mankind by a great public writer. The miseries attached to

Strollers sixty years ago. The dangers of a double-bedded apartment. The

serious effects from too much learning-the light headed Pig to wit-a caution

to Students. A glance at the Choice Spirits of the olden times Players,

Poets, Painters, Authors, &c. The late EDMUND KEAN and the Show Folks

-his flattering reception at the court of King George the Third-Talent will

make its way. A wet scene; or, too much of water hadst thou, OXBERRY !

The flight of Ducks ! a singular adventure. How to avoid an Act of Parlia-

ment: a play-bill for dummies ! Liberal traits of the late Mrs. JORDAN-

more anon. Comparisons (not odious) between the illustrious John KEMBLE,

of classical notoriety, and the matter-of-fact Showman. Hear, and decide !

A few sentences by way of Epitaph-a trifling remembrance to the memory

of the late Muster Richardson.


CHARLES TURF, Esq., a character upon the town-up to every thing with a

lingo of his own- - yet a man of observation, and a most excellent companion.

A glance at the Sporting Booth-all sorts of folks—Nature unadorned-

Niceties not required-Jack as good as his master-Independence of feeling to

the echo-Looks dangerous, and speech worse—the old adage desirable « To

hear much and speak little." A song for those that like it—a curiosity in

literature a scrap for D'ISRAELI. The handsome female with a fine bust-

Reauty powerful in all companies. The maker of a book, but no reader. A fig

for literature-Authors distanced as to chance, 7 to 4. A figure in rhetoric.

The Free and Easy Concert-every body welcome-WEBER not known, and

Bishop not thought of. Babel—to wit, “ All round my Cap!"" Tommerhoo !”

Silence 1 silence 1 silence! What a row! For shame-when a female woman

shows her ivories! What low remarks ! Vulgar fellows ! Keep your jaw to

yourself ! or else. What? Why! You'll meet with a stop-jaw! Indeed!

How liberal! Enough! Too much! Who's for Lunnun? The Costard-mon-

ger and his prad-Every man to his calling. Any port in a storm. The dan-

gers of tickling ; or, keep your hands to yourself, Ould Chap! A glance at low

life- cerum customers. St. Paul's in sight--and the PILGRIMS once more at home.

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