The Edinburgh Literary Journal: Or, Weekly Register of Criticism and Belles-lettres, Svazek 1

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Constable and Company, 1829

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Strana 148 - ... he who ruleth his own spirit is greater than he who taketh a city, there was won, in the solitude of his chamber, many a repeated victory over himself, which should give a brighter lustre to his name than all the conquests he has made on the field of discovery, or than all the splendour of his positive achievements.
Strana 2 - And fields and marshes wide Such as nor voice, nor lute, nor wind, nor bird, The soul ever stirred; Unlike, and far sweeter than them all.
Strana 173 - To the ill-starred Burns was given the power of making man's life more venerable, but that of wisely guiding his own life was not given. Destiny, — for so in our ignorance we must speak, — : his faults, the faults of others, proved too hard for him; and that spirit which might have...
Strana 2 - Do you not hear the Aziola cry ? Methinks she must be nigh," Said Mary, as we sate In dusk, ere stars were lit, or candles brought; And I, who thought This Aziola was some tedious woman, Asked, "Who is Aziola?" How elate I felt to know that it was nothing human, No mockery of myself to fear or hate : And Mary saw my soul, And laughed, and said, " Disquiet yourself not; 'Tis nothing but a little downy owl.
Strana 201 - Wherefore, seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us ; and let us run with patience the race which is set before us...
Strana 2 - And forests, where beside his leafy hold The sullen boar hath heard the distant horn, And whets his tusks against the gnarled thorn ; Palladian palace with its storied halls ; Fountains, where Love lies listening to their falls ; Gardens, where flings the bridge its airy span, And Nature makes her happy home with man...
Strana 128 - The very first Of human life must spring from woman's breast. Your first small words are taught you from her lips, Your first tears quench'd by her, and your last sighs Too often breathed out in a woman's hearing, When men have shrunk from the ignoble care Of watching the last hour of him who led them.
Strana 249 - Is it so?" reflecting on the alliance which had placed the Stewart family on the throne; "then God's will be done. It came with a lass, and it will go with a lass.
Strana 121 - T is with the thankful glance of parting praise ; More mighty spots may rise — more glaring shine, But none unite, in one attaching maze, The brilliant, fair, and soft, — the glories of old days...
Strana 39 - twill ease my breast, And this wild tempest-laden night Suits with the purpose best. Come hither — thou hast often sought To open this old chest. " It has a secret spring ; the touch Is known to me alone;" Slowly the lid is raised, and now — " What see you, that you groan So heavily ? That thing is but A bare-ribbed skeleton.

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