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THE CAPITOL was begun September 1, 1793, and finished in 1863. Estimatot

cost $15,000,000. It is 751 3350 feet. The dome is 288 feet high, Corner
stone was laid by Washington, for whose body the builders prepared a tomb be
neath the dome called "undergroft " which still remains empty.

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Resolution Authorizing the Compilation



Washington, D. C., August 20, 1894. Hon. JAMES D. RICHARDSON, 9

House of Representatives. SIR: I am directed by Senator GORMAN, the Chairman of the Joint Committee on Printing, to transmit to you the accompanying resolution, adopted by the Joint Committee this day and entered upon its journal. Very respectfully,

F. M. Cox, Clerk Joint Committee on Printing.

Whereas Congress has passed the following resolution, to wit:

Resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring, That there be printed and bound in cloth six thousand copies of the complete compilation of all the annual, special, and veto messages, proclamations, and inaugural addresses of the Presidents of the United States from 1789 to 1894, inclusive, two thousand copies for the use of the Senate and four thousand copies for the use of the House. The work shall be performed under the direction of the Joint Committee on Printing:

Therefore, resolved by the Joint Committee on Printing, That Hon. JAMES D. RICHARDSON be, and he is hereby, authorized and requested to take charge of the work contemplated in said resolution, and prepare, compile, and edit same. He is given full power and discretion to do this work for and on behalf of this Committee.


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